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Pathfinder 1E What is your go-to backup weapon?


Disarming happens. Thieves happen. Rust monsters happen. And when these things happen, it's a good idea to have fallback option hanging at your hip.

And so, in the interest of never again resorting to non-proficient unarmed strikes against a boss monster, what is your go-to backup weapon? This question applies whether you're a bow-haver trapped in melee or a sword-dude faced with flying creatures. What do you pull out in these situations?

(Comic for illustrative purposes.)

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Well, my last character kept a club for that sort of situation. It wasn't exactly ideal, but it was good against rust monsters (as the comic illustrates) and it has no cost associated with it, so it didn't hurt his bottom line (it's a running gag in our group how a masterwork club costs 300 gp while the basic one is a stick you find on the ground).

Thankfully, my character had only one or two instances where he had to use it instead of his shang gou (which are those hookswords that Kabal from Mortal Kombat uses; I found stats for them over in Weapon Mastery: Shang Gou).

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A dagger.


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Alchemical Silver Kunai (22 gp) and a Cold Iron Dagger (4 gp). Covers B, S, and P and both cheap material DRs. Both can be thrown and are simple weapons for proficiency and are light weapons to use in a grapple or with weapon finesse. When you use the Kunai as B it doesn't take the -1 damage from alchemical silver since it's an 'or'.
Kunai counts as a crowbar but weighs less and costs the same as a crowbar (before material costs anyway). Also counts as a piton if you need to set a rope.

You can also get around most Hardness low level with a Durable Adamantine Shuriken for only 62-ish gp each. Though you have to throw it and point to the book(Alchemy Manual) where it says other piercing thrown weapons can be made durable.

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