What item(s), magical or not, do you get for every single one of your PCs and why?

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Cloak of Resistance (more often a vest actually)

Otherwise every character is so varied that it depends. We usually don't book keep small items though, so that may make some difference.


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Dungeonmastercal said:
We've done the continual light (now flame) light source since 1e days, although I've always felt that was sorta "cheating". A 1st level spell that lasts forever and ever still doesn't "feel" right to me.
I can't remember if this was just a house rule, or if I actually read it somewhere. In my games, the way we run Continual Light/Flame is that the spell does indeed last pretty much forever - however, it slowly consumes the object that its cast upon to continue fueling the enchantment. The harder the object, the longer it takes to consume, so where a stone ball might take two thousand years to consume, a balsa wood dowel may be consumed in as little as ten. Once the object it's cast upon is completely consumed, the enchantment will eventually disapate.


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If I can get my hands on mithral breastplate, I typically will. I like the concept of the light, more mobile warrior and it certainly helps with that.


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  • Dagger
  • Oil
  • Chalk
  • Mirror
  • Quarterstaff (plain walking staff) - ideal for those no-weapons towns
  • Eyes of the eagle - cheap and very little else in this slot
  • Amulet of health - unless I'm a Cleric
  • Cloak of Resistance - unless I'm a Paladin or Sorcerer
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Pretty much the standard -- Cloak (or Vest) of Resistance, Ring of Protection, Amulet of Natural Armor (if the character isn't a monk, druid, or cleric). If there's a cleric we generally get a communal Cure Light Wounds wand. Then I get the standard stat boost item(s) item for the character. If I'm a meleeist, then I'll get silversheen and potions of Bless Weapon.

Unfortunately, nothing crazy or sexy that comes to mind, just your standard stuff.


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Oddly enough, the mundance must-buys for me always sound good, but rarely get used:

- Tanglefoot bags
- Chalk (for marking the way in dungeons)
- Small steel mirror (for peeking around corners)
- A backup weapon (usually a dagger)
- Flasks of oil (never know when you'll want to torch something)

For awhile, all of my rogues/thieves would get sealing wax and sewing needles, so they could jury-rig crude poison needle traps (melt wax onto underside of door handle; set needle in wax; coat needle in poison). Somehow, I never got around to actually doing it, though. ;)

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