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What Kind of Quest do you do for a Water God?

Isida Kep'Tukari

In my campaign, there's been a recent tragedy. During a fight with a fire elemental, the party's NPC cleric of Istishia (God of Elemental Water) was grappled. In trying to kill the fire elemental, the paladin of Mystra accidentally hit the cleric, killing her stone dead. After the fire elemental had been killed, the group was very remorseful, and were willing to do anything to get her raised from the dead.

Now, the party has a cordial relationship with her temple, and they've helped Istishia's people before. In short, the clerics of Istishia were willing to raise their cleric, if the group would do a quest for Istishia. (This will also serve as the paladin's atonement.)

The question is... what kind of quest do you do for a water god? Getting revenge on the fire elemental is moot, because it's already dead. Getting revenge on who sent it is somewhat redundant, as they'll be doing that later anyway (it's part of the overarching campaign plot). I want to figure out some kind of quest that will be relevant to the temple, difficult, and definitely not what the party is already doing (unraveling a revenge scheme against a powerful noble family).

The central tenets of Istishia's faith are: Water is superior. Purification. Do not let yourself stagnate. Everything is interconnected and cyclical.

So... what kind of quest could they do?

Quick background - We're playing in Forgotten Realms (3.0/3.5 D&D) in Waterdeep. The party is six players (LG wizard, CG paladin, CG gunslinger, CN rogue, CN sorcerer, NG NPC cleric). The campaign is city-based.

If you want way too much background, Story Hour is here: Family Matters - Forgotten Realms Campaign
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A drought has hit town X, in large part due to the impure lives of the people there. Go and rebuild the aquaduct, rededicating it to the service of Istishia. And while you're there, root out the corruption that has festered in the town, thus purifying it.


The first couple that leap to mind are removing something that is fouling a local or sacred water source (like an evil artefact horrible creature, or a nasty ritual that is dropping gore/muck and contaminating groundwater) or changing/breaking a watershed to adjust where a specific source or water flows.

Scrivener of Doom

What is the relationship between Istishia and Umberlee in your version of the Realms?

If there is a clash between then, perhaps the followers of Umberlee beneath Waterdeep's harbour have had one or more of their tribute gatherers (demonic giant octopi) steal a sacred relic from the temple of Istishia. It might be a boring MacGuffin quest but at least it would take place underwater....

Otherwise, the water table beneath Goldenfields has been fouled (aboleth?) and the clerics of Istishia have accepted a commission from the Chaunteans to cleanse it. And now the PCs are their cleansing agents....


The first couple that leap to mind are removing something that is fouling a local or sacred water source (like an evil artefact horrible creature, or a nasty ritual that is dropping gore/muck and contaminating groundwater) or changing/breaking a watershed to adjust where a specific source or water flows.

These are pretty much the lines I was thinking along. Rediscovering/purifying a lost/corrupted oasis was my first thought. Maybe it was the desert reference below.

Is there anything in the cleric's background that could be used? Does she have relatives far away to whom the body/ashes/property needs to be returned? Or was she or her family a victim of an injustice that was never avenged?

Or perhaps they could be asked to do something of a civic nature. Convincing the Waterdeep authorities to provide a supply of fresh water to a poor area. Or providing it themselves. Or finding out who is blocking the church's own attempts to do so.



- Chop down parts of a forest near a river so that the plant don't drink up the water
- Drown a specific enemy of the church or flood a village of disbelievers
- Straighten a river and tear down damn to let the water flow freely

Scrivener of Doom

Have you checked out Faiths & Avatars yet?

Besides mentioning an intense rivalry with Kossuth - which sometimes leads to the Istishians causing problems for the Red Wizards of Thay (quest idea) - under Day-to-Day Activities it mentions, inter alia, "Keeping waterways pure and clean is one major goail of the church, and this responsible long-term goal has made the Istishians one of more esily accepted elemental "cults" to visit a town.

Perhaps the Istishians are in competition with, say, followers of Talona in a nearby settlement. The Talonites have polluted the settlement's water source(s) and the Istishians need to clean up the Talonites' mess, as it were, or lose the settlement to Talona (as the Talonites can remove the diseases caused by the pollution - possibly with a version of ritual magic [incantations?] mentioned in Unearthed Arcana so that it's not costing them spell slots).

Finally, another long-term goal is fostering better relationships between aquatic races and surface dwellers. A quest that riffs off the main points of the U-series might work really well.


Have them travel to a place like Venice. They need to clear the stagnant water and purify the area. If they can convince enough people to enshrine the water god as the patron god of the city, the god will keep the waters from further sinking the city.

They need to clear out levees, increase water flow to clear stagnant water, purify water, convince people to make the water god their patron. How hard can that be? Especially if there is a cult of the fire god seeking to merely undermine the water god's work, with or without the fire god's consent.

Isida Kep'Tukari


*snerk!* Good one!

Thanks for all your suggestions, guys! I ended up having the group being tasked to go to an isolated temple of Istishia, once a retreat, but abandoned due to some crises elsewhere. Nearly simultaneously, the pure waters of the temple had gone sour. The group had to travel to the temple, figure out why the springs had gone bad, clear them and get them flowing again, as well as clearing out things that had moved in in the interim.

If they end up needing a favor in the future of Istishia's temple, I'll definitely keep some of these others in mind! :)


Some place the god of water might not be able to go (somewhere in the desert, in an ice-covered region?) to retrieve something or someone.

Maybe the God of Waters daughter was captured by Djinnsand is tortured in the Elemental Chaos/Plane of Fire.
Of course, you might also want a twist - maybe she isn't tortured there, but revered by Djinns because the God of Water refused their worshippers and clerics - she is a patron of the Djinns Smiths (who need water to cool off the metal products they produce - heating them up is easy for them, but getting it too cool off and harden?).


A bit late to the party, but since Kossuth and Istishia are such bitter rivals, seems to me that Water would want itself to expand while also lessening its enemy. I would have put them on a boat trip (so they may acknowledge and marvel at Water's dominance) to a desert island and had them make a temple oasis. From scratch. :3

Hand of Evil

Water Boy - that flask of artic water, so pure. Think of it of an antidote to a poison affecting the god in question.

Jason - Let loose the Kraken, quest to recover the stolen keys to the cage before the big bad lets it out.

Mermaids - have to relocate or protect from land based population or a inland sea that is drying up.

The Great Flood - build a boat and save as much as you can from a valley before it floods and is taken over by the water god.


First Post
My first thought is to retrieve an item that the faith would find holy, either a lost magic item, or something like a giant flawless pearl.

You could modify the Taboo island portion of the Isle of Dread adventure, making the big black pearl there the goal, with the caveat that in order to honor the Water God whilst fetching the item, no "water creatures", like the giant oyster itself, the sharks, maybe even the kuo-toa (depending on how mean you feel) may be harmed.