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D&D 5E What level did your MOST RECENT campaign get to?


I just finished a campaign at 13th level. We played through Descent into Avernus and then we played a bit through the PCs rebuilding Elturel in the Realms before I as DM ran out of steam. We played for about a year and a half of mostly weekly 2.5 hour sessions over Fantasy Grounds.

I am just curious to what level your most recently completed* campaign reached before your group called it. Also, how long did it take?

*"Completed" can also mean "on indefinite hiatus; maybe we will go back to it."

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I guess my most recently completed campaign would be Curse of Strahd, which ended at level 9 using strict XP, no milestones. It took about 18 months.


Most recent finished at 8th. Though it's more on hold than finished.

Switched to a more informal rotating PC campaign for the summer (currently at 2nd).


Unserious gamer
My Ravnica game ended at 13th, my Eberron game is on a long break but is currently also at 13th.

One of my other games is pretty near the end, and we're at 15th. My other two games are still only at 1st. (One is two games in, the other one we started at 0th level.)


Magic Wordsmith
We're about to wrap up our Rage Against the Giants game, wherein we play a group of multiclass bards. We're 19th level now. We play it every 3 weeks, rotating with two other campaigns. We started it in April 2020.

Two other campaigns are ongoing: A swamp/forest hexcrawl (mine) which will never get higher than tier 2 and Rime of the Frost Maiden (another DM) where we are 5th level.


Solo Role Playing
Level 8 just before Covid hit. Never restarted. Two players divorced during Covid. Neither wants to play. Campaign cancelled forever.
It took about 18 months. We played every two weeks but during summer it was harder to get together.


The last campaign we finished ended at 18, our three still ongoing campaigns are at 8, 6 and 3 and none of them are close to ending.


Castle Dracula finished with the party hitting 13.
Sequel (Against the Idol of the Sun God) is ongoing and they will hit 15 as soon as they accomplish something.

The last one I ran ended at 20th. The party destroyed a number of obscure demon lords who were part of a lich's attempt to steal souls frozen in the ice of Stygia in the Hells (the demon lords, such as Azuvidexus and Bechard, were all forced into service by the lich, who had their true names). Several pit fiends, Amon, and Geryon also got slain. The Oath of Vengeance Paladin became the new Archduke of Stygia while the wizard decided to try becoming a demon lord in the Abyss.

My current campaign is at 9th so far.


We finished Tomb of Annihilation in December 2019 after playing bimonthly for 4 hour sessions since March 2018. PCs went from 3rd to 13th level in 51 sessions.

Currently running a homebrew that is at 4th level.


Current is still running at 8th, but looks like it will be shelved at around 9th.

Previous campaign (5E, Mines of Phandelver) ended at 5th. It was primarily a learning/test campaign, though.

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