What previous supplements would you like to see brought back for 5e?


For me, it's a no brainer. I'd like to see a 5e version of the 2e Core Rules CD ROM. Obviously it doesn't need to be a CD ROM, but a program that you can use offline that:

-creates and updates PCs
-creates encounters
-includes digital copies of the core books
-basic map making software that hyperlinks to said created encounters

20 years later and I still use the CD ROM for certain things.

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Hands down, my answer to these sorts of questions will always be a new Manual of the Planes. Sure, I've got, what, three of those already. But I could always use another.

Another one I wouldn't mind seeing brought back is the Aurora Whole Realms Catalog. I still use the original, especially the food and drink sections.

Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
I would like something like Threat to the Nentir Vale made for various setting, with info and monster for diverse group/organization of foes from a specific setting.


None. I have no fond memories of 2E splat books.

I have no fond memories of any editions splat books. Well maybe the original 1e Deities and Demigods. Splat books create a power creep for the PCs that the monsters cannot keep up with. Its the main reason I am leaving Pathfinder. I will not be buying any splat books for 5e, or allowing my players to use them in my game.




Outside of more monsters and finding ways to reintroduce older settings, I don't think there really are any supplements that I'd want to see outside of a psionics expansion. But I'm assuming we don't want to turn this into a "which settings would I like to see get reintroduced" thread so I'll stick with supplements (the answer to the setting question, though, is "all of them eventually, plus some new ones" fwiw).

IMO a lot of the older supplements were in a lot of ways just monthly publishing grind. I don't miss the splat books at all, and a lot of the books that introduced new subsystems are things that in retrospect I didn't use much in practice so I don't miss. The one subsystem that got use was psionics, and even with that I can do without if it never comes - I've gotten used to reskinning stuff for both 4e and 13th age that if I never end up seeing an actual set of psionics rules for 5e it won't matter because we can just reskin one of the spellcasting classes to get something that will work.

Savages Species. I love the monster classes (and racial/template classes). And racial paragon classes.

Tome of Magic. The pacts with the vestiges is a new classic.

Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords.

Magic of Incarnum needs a remake with a lot of playtesting and feedback.

Oriental Adventures, but I suggest to add new races like the kemonomimi ("animal-ears") as PC race.

My wish is books of monsters, with new classes or PC races.

Return of Ravenloft (not only that castle but all the demiplane of dread), and Dark Sun.


Let's see-

As much as I love Deities and Demigods, I don't see it for 5e. Two reasons:

1. I can't see it being made without controversy. At least in any way similar to the 1e version. Which is a shame (on the one hand) because that is the book that really made me go out and learn more about mythology and world religion, but I can also understand things are very different today than the late 70s and early 80s.

2. There isn't much of a need, now that the major settings have their own pantheons, and I don't know that we need stats for deities. So ... you can always dredge up an old copy.

I agree with point 1 completely.

Point 2, however, dredging up an old copy (especially if you the type that likes physical books as opposed to PDF) can be time consuming and expensive. But you are right, the deities do not need stats.

I, fortunately, have my old books.


5e Deities and Demigods
I'd like to see something like this, but more like the 2E Faiths and Avatars book from Realms. Rather than using real world pantheons, they could use the existing pantheons from their various settings, and provide details on how to use each priesthood. It could provide suggestions for domains for clerics, circles for druids, oaths for paladins, and even which might have zealot barbarians or rangers.


Unserious gamer
If we're going electronic, bring back the 4e offline character builder. Add in support to add in your own material, or import someone else's.

A 5e version of the 3.5 Unearthed Arcana would be nice too. Something with not just new subclasses, but different ways to build characters and approach the game.

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