D&D 5E What requested rules change have you refused to change?


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I started using a 2 minute sand timer and now I use table initiative. If any of the players beat my rolls they get to chose a side of the table and those players go in order until half of them gone. Then half my monsters go, then the rest of the party and then the last half of the monsters. If I win the initiative, I get to use half the monsters and then chose which half of the table will go. The results were surprisingly much faster with the party knowing when they were going. I ran a 5 vs 5 combat of pcs vs zombies in like 30 minutes total.

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Where does it say that?

It sounds like a very odd interpretation of "The GM has the creatures’ statistics."

I mean technically if you really only got to choose " One beast of challenge rating 2 or lower" as the option and not the actual beast summoned, the GM could summon one CR 0 Frog and still meet your request.

You pick the actual beast you want, and the GM just has those statistics because they have the MM.
The Conjure * spells state that the thing the caster is picking is one of the options, like X Beasts of CR Y. Intent is there, but it can be misleading, especially to players of other editions where you could pick the result. So they clarified in the official Sage Advice document on the Wizard's site. This is the one as official as errata, not the twitter.

When you cast a spell like conjure woodland beings, does the spellcaster or the DM choose the creatures that are conjured?
A number of spells in the game let you summon creatures. Conjure animals, conjure celestial, conjure minor elementals, and conjure woodland beings are just a few examples.
Some spells of this sort specify that the spellcaster chooses the creature conjured. For example, find familiar gives the caster a list of animals to choose from.
Other spells of this sort let the spellcaster choose from among several broad options. For example, conjure minor elementals offers four options. Here are the first two:
• One elemental of challenge rating 2 or lower
• Two elementals of challenge rating 1 or lower
The design intent for options like these is that the spellcaster chooses one of them, and then the DM decides what creatures appear that fit the chosen option. For example, if you pick the second option, the DM chooses the two elementals that have a challenge rating of 1 or lower.
A spellcaster can certainly express a preference for what creatures shows up, but it’s up to the DM to determine if they do. The DM will often choose creatures that are appropriate for the campaign and that will be fun to introduce in a scene.


The design intent for options like these is that the spellcaster chooses one of them, and then the DM decides what creatures appear that fit the chosen option.

They were looking for an examples of "Mother May I?" design choices in another thread, if you want to know why it is a problem look no further.

Player (thinking): Hmm at 5th level I can select "One beast of challenge rating 2 or lower" and get double the number appear.
Player: I cast 5th level Conjurer Animals, can I have a pair of Saber-toothed Tigers?
DM: No you can have a Frog riding a Camel and be happy about it.
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As a player, or as the DM?

If the latter, that severely restricts your monster choices.
I’m pretty sure I only used MM creatures only, but many opponents were built using PC rules.

[edit] Thinking of it, I didn’t have the MM anymore in the end, so it would have been SRD monsters only

As a DM, what request for a house or varient rule (or use of RAW instead of your home rule) by one or more players have you refused to change? Are there any rule changes that even if the entire group of players wanted changed, you would instead rather not run the game?
I didn't want to allow gestault in a campagin, even though 3 out of the 5 of us wanted it. I said I would play but not run that game.
I didn't want to allow (although was talked into trying) a game with 2 houserules... 1) no caps on stats, and 2)extra attunement slots equal to your prof or your cha mod what ever was higher... that game didn't last long even the players that wanted it found it wasn't fun.
As a Player, what DM-proposed rules change have you refused to go along with? Are they any rule changes that would bother you enough to walk out on a campaign?
I have 3 examples that coome to mind
1) gender based stat mods (women get +4 cha +2dex -4 str -2int men get +2 to any 1 stat but have to take a -2 to the same 'type' either physical or mental) that not only effected starting stats but maxes.... and race stat mods effected max stat as well (so a half elf woman would have +6cha and a max of 26 cha without magic) I did joke about making a hexblade warlock half elf woman... but the DM didn't allow 'cross gender play' so I dipped out in session 0

2) critical fumbles.... this is actually many times because I have 2 friends that don't get why it sucks. I have yet to find one that didn't implode before level 5 though

3)A game where we all started with 10's and 11;s (3 of each place as you want) then apply race mods, then take the commoner stat from MM so 1d8 (rolled not maxed) HD/hp and no prof in any skills.... and you have to find a teacher to take a class and get 0xp until you find a teacher

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