What Should 1D&D Resurrect? +

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Epic destinies. Hell, I'll expand that- high level material that isn't an afterthought in general.
Building on this, perhaps an entire sourcebook that is aimed at high-level play, including a few short adventures that could be plugged into different campaigns. I would be more interested in running high-level games if there was more direction given on how to do so.

So that's what I'd resurrect - a sourcebook that sort of went for what the old Master Rules and Immortal Rules covered.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
For my money…

Assassin as a Class

Swordmage and Warlord classes, though I’m not attached to either name nor specific mechanics from 4e.

Bard songs a la 3.5, but as bonus actions.

Level-gated feats to do the job of paragon paths and prestige classes.

Multiclass feats and hybrid multiclassing.

Playable Gnolls!

Class feats, maybe…

Like a lot of class stuff is abbreviated by 5e’s design. Totem Barbarian could lean harder into being transformed by invoking a spirit into themself, to become the wrath of nature embodied.

Rewrite thrown weapons to not suck.

Magic thrown items should just return to hand, as in 4e.


Resurrect the dedicated spontaneous casters from late 3E: The warmage, the dread necromancer, the beguiler. Give me a caster class that is built entirely around a particular magical theme, rather than being an "everything caster" with a few nods to a specialty.

Failing that, at least bring back the "forbidden schools" system from 2E and 3E. Limitations drive creativity.

Fighting style: you can trade one attack to gain an extra reaction. (Insert details).

Warlord, fighter sub-class
3: use your reaction to help an ally
6: you can take the help action as a bonus action.
10; help action last longer
14: ???

Don't forget for the fighting style:
you can spend your second wind to have an ally regain 1d10+level hp.

Wasn't that a sub-class feature already? Possibly as THP?

I think the banneret had something like that. But a little too weak.

I also think, such an important ability should be right at level 1 and I also think gaining flexibility with your attack and your second wind falls in line with a fighting style.

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