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D&D 5E What to level up? Sorlock


Character on Beyond

we do level up, but I'm now very undecicive what to choose.
The first problem is that "The Silver King Necklace" - it's really powerful item. But with a very big backstab. I can't cast more than cantrips from my spell list and use my abilities (metamagic, invocations, Hound of Ill omen) That's a good trade, when I got 2 9th spells and many others, +3 Spell attack and spell DC. But I can cast them only once. (most of time twined).
BUT we are in Abyss where isn't dawn to recharge it. And will be for 5-8 game seasons...
My probably next game will be something like Hound of ill omen as often as I can do because I'll have all my slots free to burn them in SP to cast save spells again 22 DC with a disadvantage... And add hexblade curse and then continue with EB
And if you get it away from you it disapier. So you can't say "I'll use it later"
What is good to say - we will (probably) get on 20th level, but then we finish. No play with candy on that lvl.

aaand if I choose a variant I'll use this neckless is there many ways how to play:
  • still continue with sorcerer and count with option I'll throw away those necklase... and wait for next level ups for free longer mistystep, metamagic options,...
  • continue with warlock, get one more ASI or feat, some invocation, better spellslots for burning them to SP (or when I'll throw away those neckless, some more spells)
-- choose what feat or asi take:
---Dexteriry ASI - +1 initiative, +1 AC, +1 Dex saves
---Resilient CON - +5(6) Con saves (with invocation Eldritch mind, get advantage and keep concentration much better)
---Tough - 32 HP is a big difference for me.
---Spellsniper - probably not. 2 times bigger range never needed. Half and threquarter cover wasnt often too.
---Crossbow expert - get out disadvantage from close combat with EB is good, but..
---Gunner - do same as Crossbow expert, but add +1 dex (and leave me space for next half feat with dex)
---Shield Master - half or nothing on dex save is better then resilient on dex.
---Warcaster - good, but reaction single target attack spell I don't have. And advantage on constitution I can grab from invocation.
--- Taldorei feat which can add 1 attunement slot.

and last one option:
take 2 lvls of fighter for Defensive fighting style, Second wind and Action surge (blast 12 Eldritch blast by action surge and quickened spell, can be with hexblade curse 12d10 + 132 dmg and if I get advantage thats 36 dices with 10% chance for crit)

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