D&D 5E What type of characters would Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson be in a D&D 5e world?

Rafael Martin

What type of characters would Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson be in a D&D 5e world? I always envisioned Gygax as a high level wizard, but I am not sure about Arneson. What do you guys and gals think?
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How about:
Dave is a dodgy trader living just outside Hommlet, who doubles as a grossly fat hill giant chief.
Gary is a strange, controlling, egotistical entity living in a land to the north of Vestfold and Blackmoor.

Oh, wait........


Cry havoc! And let slip the pigs of war!
Legendary figures whose tales are recounted by bards. The stories told differ between the bards. Some say the mighty wizard learned his craft from his solo studies while others say he stole the spark of magic from his competitor.

All that is agreed upon is that their achievements would be spread far and wide for all time.

a few would dare to open tomes penned by their own hands to try to solve the riddle of where the magic spark was first birthed.


B/X Known World
Gary’s an egotistical 1st-level bard who dumped CHA and uses a rather...unique form of common that most others have trouble understanding.

Dave’s an epic-level multiclass warlord/wizard who leads and destroys armies in his spare time for fun.


Bards still sing of the great sages, Gax of the Lake and Arn of the Frozen Cities who came together millennia ago to bring happiness to the multitude. And this they did before the Archdevil Mammon did work his malevolence and cause the two to fall to quarrelling and casting Su-monster incantations at one another.
Arn retreated to the Frozen Cities to have further adventures in fantasy, but nothing is spoken of these in tales or lore.

Gax prospered mightily for a time but his power waned and he was brought low by the enchantress Lorwil, aided by her flowering blooms of power, and for a time he lived in lejendary exile, until his works were brought back to us by the paladin Rydan.

Or not.......


I'd put Dave Arneson...

9th Level Wizard of Computers and Gaming
Background : Entertainer
Alg: CN

Str 8
Int 18
Wis 7
Dex 14
Cons 13
Cha 12

Spells: (undecided still)

Gary Gygax I'd put as

Class - The Expert (NPC class played as PC)
20th level
Background - Guild Artisan

STR - 11
INT - 14
WIS - 10
DEX - 12
CONS - 11
CHA - 15

As created characters?

Gygax would play either a Diviner Wizard and min-max the hell out of it, or a Battle Master Fighter constantly looking for ways to push the system and do stuff "outside the box" (read: fishing for Advantage and circumventing encounters whenever possible).

Arneson...hm. Perhaps also a Wizard, but one of the new Strixhaven mathematics school, someone who works in abstract principles and high theory. I could potentially also see him going Moon Druid, with him choosing different "favorite forms" over the course of the character's lifetime as interests and powers change.

Others have covered basically every angle I could think of (and some I couldn't) in terms of NPCs.

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