D&D 5E What will be the fifth product this year?


so a book on divination, not really my thing but a short book on how to use divination, fate and prophesy for dms, new spells and character options for players and some really crazy monsters to round it out.

I have a better idea for a book but non of it is divination themed.
Librum Magicum:
  • The book would have a chapter on each of the schools of magic with a prelude that addresses common rules questions for each of the schools of magic, and then a bunch of spells for each school.
  • In addition, there will be more new magical specialties, like Dunamancy from the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, that provide a thematic grouping of new magic. Secundamancy - the manipulation of probability and luck. Proprioception - spells that utilize the relative position of the body, allowing everything from body alteration to dizziness in foes. Cenobism - spells that inclict or use use pain, agonzy, distress and anger.
  • New Magic items (because this is long overdue).
  • Expanded Magical Boon rules that turn them into a source of PC power that do not rely upon things, taking the place of magic items.

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A setting born out of the fever dreams of a self published rapper who finished a self funded video for their one good song.

I await talking flower-rabbits.

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