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EN World What you thought a thread title said.

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Guest 7034872

Sometimes I see thread titles and have to take a second look. Examples:

“Ennies should attack when they take advantage”

“Supporting D&D is gamist, why is that mean?”

“Undead Oregano”

“New Vecna Rattle”

Anyone else?
I've had a bunch of these. For the purposes of site rules regarding language and general comity, I think it's good that my memory of the details is too vague to report.


Lord of the Hidden Layer
From a long time ago: "The Chronicles of Narcissist"
This was during the 2016 US election cycle, and the "No Politics" rule was relaxed. I never read a word of it (because blood pressure, yeah that's it) but I thought the title had humor.


Today, earlier I thought the question was : What happens if 'I teleport someone into space'.

I almost replied, they DIE frozen to death! But read the title again just to make sure...

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