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What's in a devil's den?


My high level group is currently embarking on a mission to assassinate the arch devil, Geryon. They are making their way through Coldsteel castle and dealing with his minions, most of whom are ice devils. As they clear out their lairs I'm having a bit of trouble imagining what sort of things they the PC's might find in them. I assume they might come across larval souls (hellish currency), and perhaps the odd tortured corpse, but what kinds of mundane things can I stock their chambers with that will make the environments seem more real? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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I'd think they would want all the finer things in life. Quality wines, cushy pillows, gold goblets, silk robes, Old Master paintings, slaves, delicate foodstuffs...

Since they're devils, the twist would be the entrapment. The painting is by an artist who sold their soul, the concubine slave is a woman who plunged into depravity...

As opposed to regular "forced labor" slaves. Creates plot points back to the material plane: maybe the painters had to sell his children; maybe the concubine is a Princess up top and returning her causes a scandal, etc

Point would be that unlike regular despots who just take things by force, a devil's stuff (including slaves) are all there "voluntarily" and has been "given freely"; meaning of course they didn't read the fine print of the contract...


A hovering sculpture made of Styx ice called "Dark Birds of Ocanthus" (from Planescape Torment).

Battle plans for an upcoming confrontation in the Blood War, frost-burned onto the flayed skin of a behemoth.

A clutch of remorhaz eggs packed into the snow.

Scroll case fashioned from a saintly giant's femur bone, with numerous maps of shifting planar boundaries following Blood War skirmishes.

A card game with tarot-like cards depicting scenes of mortal suffering that animate and become more vivid the longer you gaze at them.

Baatorian green steel and Celestial white steel dragonchess board, with the pieces set up in a very complex scenario. A severed crowned head rests on a cushion on the side of the white pieces.

Infernal logbook with records of layered debts, promises, IOU's, and tidbits of blackmail on various souls & lesser devils.


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A workforce of Imps and other lowly devils, tending over crystal balls or other extra-planar scrying devices, trying to get would-be warlocks to sign a contract.

Jacob Lewis

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A complete collection of your least favorite edition.

Pictures of your exes enthusiastically enjoying activites and experiences he/she swore they would never do with you.

Donald Trump as a lounge singer.

A vorpal weapon in which the hilt or handle is the "vorpal" part.

Gilbert Godfrey and Bobcat Goldthwait singing Endless Love repeatedly on open mic karaoke night.

A teenage angst-ridden gibbering mouther who enjoys gossip, reality shows, and Kardashians.

The Kardashians.

A coloring book with really small lines, and a box of really thick crayons that resist sharpeners.

Scented candles that only smell like Gary Busey and Nick Nolte doing squats at hot yoga.

During any combat, every devil holds up their turn by taking out their cell phone to "check on something real quick" at least once.

The group discovers a new sourcebook of their favorite setting updated for 5e just before it gets destroyed randomly and they are always too late to save it.

All of the Marvel movies are rebooted with Brendon Frasier as Iron Man, Kelsey Grammar as Thor, and Bruce Campbell as Captain America. And Janeane Garofalo as Black Widow...

Ok, I think I'm getting off track. What were we talking about? :p

A basement with horrors, to be used for those who somehow break a deal or otherwise didn't fall for the devil's traps or didn't cooperate with the devil's plans.


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A devil's den probably has the devil's home theater, the devil's sofa and mini-fridge, and the devil's ottoman.


You don't get the full totalitarian feel without at least one picture of the Great Leader (Asmodeus) hanging on the wall.

Given his build, don't expect a lot of chairs and tables. The centerpiece of some rooms might be a big tree; Geryon sprawls across the branches to relax.

Being an archdevil is a high-stress job, so I think each one has a hobby that eases the pressure. Maybe Geryon is a collector of paintings from some obscure minotaur painter. If you have a player who would be willing to do this, they could have their PC be into that painter too (and hijinks ensue).

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