What's so Funny, Anyway: Is it Time to Comedies Seriously?


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One of my undergraduate majors was philosophy, and had one been offered, I would have avoided a “Philosophy of Comedy” course like…

(Well, I can’t say “a plague”, because we know people don’t avoid those.
And I can’t say “like a dangerous animal”, because likewise.
…like someone I owed a lot of money? Yes! That’s it!)

…I’d have avoided a “Philosophy of Comedy” course like someone I owed a lot of money. Why? Because philosophy is all about thorough analysis & explanation of thought processes on various subjects. And it’s almost a given that a lot of comedy becomes unfunny when analyzed too deeply.

And in my experiences in that department, senses of humor among both faculty & students were WILDLY variable. I had some great material that left some of my profs utterly baffled. (And no, it wasn’t really GenX specific or obscure.)

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