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ZEITGEIST What's the status of 4e Zeitgeist?


I'm sorry if I'm coming to the party late, but my group is searching for a 4e adventure path, and Zeitgeist looks pretty fascinating.
Was this ever completed for 4e? It seems that the PDF links aren't active. Also there's hardcover books available for only 2/3rds of the modules.
Is the campaign complete and available for purchase for 4e? I realize that it's not the most popular edition, but it's the preferred one for my group.


I was looking under the downloads tab on this site. Most of the adventures say that they're available for site subscribers, but a few of the later adventures don't have the link. But if it's just the same, I can get from RPG Now.
But I'm correct on no hardcover for the last volume? (I saw Pathfinder but no 4e.)