What's This Mysterious D&D Book? [UPDATED!]

As long as it's not 5.5...


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WotC's Nathan Stewart posted an intriguing photograph. Could this be a new special cover for the Players Handbook? Or something else? Speculate away! [UPDATED!]

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Updated with an additional teaser picture. Looks like it's a special edition cover of the three core rulebooks.

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Interesting that "Player's Handbook" is not covered on the spine, but the area where the title would be on the cover is concealed by a book. Could it perhaps be the "Revised Player's Handbook," or "Advanced Player's Handbook," or something of the sort? That'd be one way to get around the issue of the PHB+1 rule making the addition of new or revised classes challenging.

It is funny that in their notes, they could not even get the date right. It says Friday Jun 6, when the show will be on Friday, July 6. lol

As for the cover, why does it have to be the cover of a new book? What can't it be one of those wraparound covers that you buy to protect the actual cover?


Elder Thing
Doubtful. But my PHB is four years old and has always been just bad enough to really annoy me without ever quite being bad enough to force me to replace it.

They are still replacing them for free, you know. The Twitter piece the photos come from has a discussion about it.

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