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D&D 5E What's your lowest CR legendary monster?


This thread has underlined something interesting for me: I see CR and legendary as completely decoupled.
That is correct as a mechanic. However, as a concept I want legendary monsters to be higher CR and special. Legendary monsters feel different in plan because they have so much going on (particularly when you tend to use side initiative). so I want to keep that rare and special. That is just my personal taste though.

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Probably around CR 2, I’d say. Usually leader type critters, with legendary actions they can use to give commands to do stuff like “all allies with 30ft move up to half thier speed in the same direction, forming into a line, and make an attack. Any ally that ends this movement with an ally within 5ft of it gains +1 AC until the end of your next turn”.

Well, unless enough CR 1/4 through 1 critters to challenge a party, given collective legendary saves and actions, counts.


In my case, the legendary(ies) are about (a) action economy and (b) save or loses.

At low levels, save or loses are expensive and don't end the fight.

The action economy side, low CR hidding for 10 damage twice is enough to make up.offensive budget.

Maneuver legendary actions work if you want a frantic quickling foe at low levels. Or a clockwork foe who shoots off 1d4 attacks at everyone.

One thing I've been wondering about legendary resistances and actions, is that why there needs to always be three of them? I made a CR fiveish opponent that had just one of each. Seemed more appropriate on that level.


B/X Known World
I tend not to use legendary monsters per se. But I've started using Colville's Action-Oriented Monsters. Works a lot better, I think. More actions per round, more reactions and bonus action. Villain actions by round of combat. But having solo monsters with legendary resistances is almost required unless you want quick and anti-climactic solo-monster fights.


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