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What's Your RPG Reading List?


Much like a gamer's Steam Library, it's not uncommon for tabletop gamers to accrue sourcebooks they haven't read or only read in part.

With the beginning of a new year, I figured that compiling a list of RPGs-to-read is a good idea. Both to keep track of what books one hasn't completed as well as to share progress and interest with others.

Others are more than free to share their own reading lists. Maybe we can even get a book club up!

Right now I'm prioritizing KickStarted products. Some have been released to backers but not the general public yet.

  1. Iron Kingdoms Requiem Campaign Setting (5e)
  2. Southlands Worldbook for 5th Edition (5e)*
  3. World of Aetaltis Player's Guide (5e)*
  4. Arcanis 5e Campaign Setting (5e)
  5. Dungeons of Drakkenheim (5e)
  6. Uncaged Anthology, Volume 1 (5e)
  7. Unbreakable: Revolution (Multi-System)
  8. Worlds Without Number (OSR)
  9. Deadlands the Weird West (Savage Worlds)
  10. Haunted West (Original System)

*there are other books owned in the series, but starting with the "basic" books is ideal.

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I have KS'ed so much sh*** that I'll never get to all of it. and my DTRPG bookshelf... I just buy stuff for source,

A5E (all books)
Great DotNetbook Archive (yep, even the OLD stuff)
Gumshoe SRD
Book of Ebon Tides: 5th Edition enters the Plane of Shadow!
Valda's Spire of Secrets: A Colossal Expansion for DnD 5E
Stars Without Number RPG: Offset Print Edition

and a bunch of other stuff. Trying to work out a decent sci-fi game and fantasy/tech game using Fate


My current "to read" list consists of:

Arduin Grimoires 1-3 (OD&D Variant)
Beneath (Various Systems)
Empire of the Ghouls (5e)
Haunted Almanac (Various Systems)
The Lazy DM (All D&D Editions)
Return of the Lazy DM (All D&D Editions)
Ptolus (5e)
Slaine (d20)
Ultraviolet Grasslands and the Black City (SEACAT)
The Whispering Vault (Unique System)
The World Book of Khaas: The Legendary Lands of Arduin (Systemless)

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