What's Your "Sweet Spot" for a Skill system?

Ideally, this concern should apply generally to character building resources. Costs should be weighted by utility, and/or options players can select should have relatively equal impact. The most obvious place this goes wrong is attributes. There should be a compelling argument for a player to want average scores in all of them.
I don't really agree that there need to be a compelling argument for a player to want average scores, but there should be a compelling reason to have any of the available scores at a high value.
It makes sense to me in RPGs where different characters are often expected to work together as a team because a single character can't (and sholdn't) do everything, that everyone has to specialize in a "role", and thus everyone picking a different attribute or ability score as his most important one. But it's bad if a stat is notable less useful than the others, because inevitable one player might say: "Oh, I am going to be the strongest guy in the party and spend all my character generation points toward that" but then finds out that strength isn't important because everyone is remote controlling drones for any meaningful task and they either have their own stats or use your Logic and Intuition score...

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