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When Boxed Sets Go Bad


Knight of Solamnia
I love boxed sets. I collected a ton of them back in the 2e era. Many had multiple books, but the best ones had added goodies as well, such as the cloth map in a Dark Sun boxed set I have.

Recently, I bought the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game boxed set. I haven't had it too long, but already it is showing wear. It's pretty flimsy. I had a similar situation with the Gamma World boxed sets. The initial one was sturdy as a rock, but the other two were flimsy.

Of course, some of those old favorite boxed sets sometimes get used so much that they fall apart. That's what happened to my Dragonlance: Tales of the Lance boxed set.

So when the box is flimsy, or has just plain worn out, how do you store the contents of the boxed set and keep the contents together? Suggestions?

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Staff member
Get ye to the Container Store!

Beyond the myriad of other options- which may be better- they do sell plastic game boxes. They're mostly designed for board games, but...


I crit!
I've done all kinds of things like using tape on the inside of the box, to building a box and gluing the sides of the old box onto that.

The box sets that have survived are my two Star Frontiers boxes, my white Warhammer Fantasy Battles rpg boxed set, and the grey 1e Gamma World box. In fact the ONLY thing I have from the 1e Gamma World is the North America map and the box, in fantastic condition.

Mishihari Lord

First Post
I often use clear mailing tape for such situations. Depending on how bad the box is I may do anything from just reinforce the corners on the inside to covering the entire box, almost like a lamination. It makes the box very strong and lasts pretty well too.


Recently, I bought the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game boxed set. I haven't had it too long, but already it is showing wear. It's pretty flimsy.

It seems designed to disintegrate as soon as you open it. Mine is already ripped at the corners and I haven't even played the game yet.


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I took the materials out of the box, because of how thin it is, and am storing elsewhere. I won't travel with the box, it will stay at home.


Knight of Solamnia
So a friend of mine on another forum suggested the following:

i buy white packing boxes at staples. they are the same size as the old 2E box set boxes and they are very sturdy. if you want you can print out the box art and glue it on so you can tell what is in the box.

He also said...

these are what they look like. link
in the staples i go to you can buy a pack of 5 boxes for like 8.00 they are white clam boxes made of sturdy corrugated cardboard. they are perfect for holding the old box sets, or you could put a bunch of modules in them to keep them protected.

So I gave this a shot. I didn't have a Staples close to me, but there is an Office Max in town. They sell them individually, so just a little over $3. I'm not entirely satisfied with the way it closes, but I'm considering velcro.

My wife is good with crafts, so I asked her if she would dissect the Edge of the Empire boxed set and affix it to the box I got. She did that while I was taking my son out to practice driving, and when I got back, it was done. It looks pretty good! She got all the sides on and affixed it with packing tape. While it isn't as professional looking as it once was, it will last for years to come. It currently is holding the contents of the boxed set, plus the Free RPG day adventure, plus the Game Master Screen, and my new Star Wars dice. My cat even sat on it and it didn't even bend. :cool:

So now I'm wondering what else I can use these for. Other flimsy or broken boxed sets? Series of modules? The possibilities!

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