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Where and how do you play?

Where and how are you playing right now?

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Online with Roll20, using Zoom for video chat, with three remote players (in three different states) and my spouse with me at home. 3 checks in 1 campaign.


Online using Roll20 still actually using it's video and voice coms. Haven't been allowed to meet in person for nearly a year now, and it will be summer at least before lockdown is eased enough for us to meet again.

We use to play in person on Sunday evenings the virtual game is on the same night.

However I also started a virtual game for some work mates to keep in contact during the first lockdown, so I run a game on Friday nights now as well, this one isn't as regular, and sometimes we play something other than TTRPGs.


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Zoom and Roll20 for us. I can't see in-person gaming happening again any time soon. Summer maybe? Depends on vaccinations.


I haven't been playing of late. I have been working on my next campaign and deciding on the game I will use. I think it is ACKS. Will begin recruiting players when COVID eases up. I generally like to play face to face but I'm not against online either.


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Right now:
Two groups using Roll20/Discord
One using Roll20/Zoom
Another group using Owlbear Rodeo, Discord, D&DB

In warmer weather, one of these groups did socially distanced in-person, outdoors. We may go back to that as the spring picks up, and we get vaccinated.


Small God of the Dozens
I do mostly PbP (running one and playing in three) but I also play one game online and another in person with my kids.

Discord for both my "home" group and my "open table." Though neither descriptor is accurate right now - no one is coming over to my house for the home group and the open table is not in fact open to anyone that shows up right now.


I have a combination of in-person players and players on Zoom. In-person players are my sons. It works OK as my sons help with cameras, terrain, and minis, but I look very much forward to being 100% in-person again.


Golden Procrastinator
I'm currently running two games. My Dragon Heist campaign is on Skype. My Saltmarsh game is also on Skype and sometimes we use Roll20 for the maps.

I'm playing an OSE game and an Ironsworn though Discord and Roll20. Last summer I run an AD&D game through Zoom. I'm also playing in an AD&D PBEM which has been going on since 2007.


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One in-person game alternating between my house and my sister-in-law's house (part of our COVID bubble).

Two games using Zoom. One with Roll20 for maps and stuff, one with Google Draw for maps and stuff.

One CoC game using Discord voice/audio, both for persistant posting of clues and for dice bot.


3 or 4 of us get together in one of our garages, wearing masks, with 2 computers logged in to the VTT (so we're not all clustering around a screen) and one of those using Zoom.

The current DM of one of the games is doing so remotely, and two of the players as well. That game will soon and, and be replaced by another game DMed remotely, with 2-4 remote players as well as us physically-gathered few.

Our other game is run by the person whose garage we gather at, and the three players are all physically present, masked and distanced.

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