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Monster Junkie
This is the first of a series of threads to help locate critters from old books in 3E/3.5.

Please let me know if I've missed any.

Note that I've intentionally included only official conversions at this time. I will add a second list with other sources for conversions later.

AD&D Monster Manual (1977)

Aerial Servant - no official update
Anhkheg - MM
Ant, Giant - MM
Ape, Carnivorous - MM ("ape")
Axebeak - Arms and Equipment Guide
Baboon - MM
Badger - MM
Baluchitherium - FF ("Indricotherium")
Barracuda - Stormwrack
Basilisk - MM
Bear, Black - MM
Bear, Brown - MM
Bear, Cave - MM ("dire bear")
Beaver, Giant- no official update
Beetle, Giant, Bombardier - MM
Beetle, Giant, Boring- no official update
Beetle, Giant, Fire - MM
Beetle, Giant, Rhinoceros- no official update
Beetle, Giant, Stag - MM
Beetle, Giant, Water- no official update
Beholder - MM
Black Pudding - MM
Blink Dog - MM
Boar, Giant - MM ("dire boar")
Boar, Warthog- no official update
Boar, Wild - MM ("boar")
Brain Mole- XPH
Brownie - WotC's site, Adventure Locales - The Silent Manse
Buffalo - MM ("bison")
Bugbear - MM
Bulette - MM
Bull - no official update
Camel, Wild - MM ("camel")
Carrion Crawler - MM
Catoblepas - MMII
Cattle, Wild - no official update
Centaur - MM
Centipede, Giant - MM ("monstrous centipede")
Cerebral Parasite - XPH (Hazard)
Chimera - MM
Cockatrice - MM
Couatl - MM
Crab, Giant - Stormwrack ("monstrous crab")
Crayfish, Giant - Dragon #321
Crocodile - MM
Crocodile, Giant - MM
Demon, Demogorgon - BoVD, FC1
Demon, Juiblex - BoVD, FC1
Demon, Manes - BoVD, FC1
Demon, Orcus - BoVD, FC1
Demon, Succubus - MM
Demon, Type I - MM (demon, vrock)
Demon, Type II - MM (demon, hezrou)
Demon, Type III - MM (demon, glabrezu)
Demon, Type IV - MM (demon, nalfeshnee)
Demon, Type V - MM (demon, marilith)
Demon, Type VI - MM (demon, balor)
Demon, Yeenoghu - BoVD, FC1
Devil, Asmodeus - BoVD
Devil, Baalzebul - BoVD
Devil, Barbed - MM
Devil, Bone - MM
Devil, Dispater - BoVD
Devil, Erinyes - MM
Devil, Geryon - "Yet More Archfiends", BoVD Web Enhancement
Devil, Horned - MM
Devil, Ice - MM
Devil, Lemure - MM
Devil, Pit Fiend - MM
Dinosaur, Anatosaurus - no official update
Dinosaur, Ankylosaurus - MMII
Dinosaur, Antrodemus - MMII ("Allosaurus")
Dinosaur, Archelon Ischyrus - Stormwrack ("Archelon")
Dinosaur, Brachiosaurus - no official update
Dinosaur, Camarasaurus - no official update
Dinosaur, Ceratosaurus - Serpent Kindgoms ("ceratosaur")
Dinosaur, Dinichtys - no official update
Dinosaur, Diplodocus - Dragon #318
Dinosaur, Elasmosaurus - MM
Dinosaur, Gorgosaurus - no official update
Dinosaur, Iguanadon - no official update
Dinosaur, Lambeosaurus - no official update
Dinosaur, Megalosaurus - no official update
Dinosaur, Monoclonius - no official update
Dinosaur, Mosasaurus - Stormwrack ("Mosasaur")
Dinosaur, Paleoscincus - no official update
Dinosaur, Pentaceratops - no official update
Dinosaur, Plateosaurus - no official update
Dinosaur, Plesiosaurus - Stormwrack ("Plesiosaur")
Dinosaur, Pteranodon - Dragon #318, Serpent Kindgoms
Dinosaur, Stegosaurus - Dragon #318, Serpent Kindgoms
Dinosaur, Styracosaurus - no official update
Dinosaur, Teratosaurus - no official update
Dinosaur, Triceratops - MM
Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex - MM
Displacer Beast - MM
Djinni - MM
Dog, War - MM ("dog, riding")
Dog, Wild - MM ("dog")
Dolphin - no official update
Doppleganger - MM
Dragon Turtle - MM
Dragon, Black - MM
Dragon, Blue - MM
Dragon, Brass - MM
Dragon, Bronze - MM
Dragon, Chromatic (Chromatic) - MotP, DDG
Dragon, Copper - MM
Dragon, Gold - MM
Dragon, Green - MM
Dragon, Platinum (Bahamut) - MotP, DDG
Dragon, Red - MM
Dragon, Silver - MM
Dragon, White - MM
Dragonne - MM
Dryad - MM
Dwarf - MM
Eagle, Giant - MM
Ear Seeker - no official update
Eel, Electric - no official update
Eel, Giant - Stormwrack ("dire eel")
Eel, Weed - no official update
Efreeti - MM
Elemental, Air - MM
Elemental, Earth - MM
Elemental, Fire - MM
Elemental, Water - MM
Elephant, African - MM ("elephant")
Elephant, Asiatic - MM ("elephant")
Elf - MM
Ettin - MM
Eye of the Deep - Lords of Madness
Eye, Floating - no official update
Flightless Bird - no official update
Frog, Giant - Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
Frog, Killer - Dun #126
Frog, Poisonous - no official update
Fungi, Violet - MM
Gar, Giant - Dragon #321
Gargoyle - MM
Gas Spore - Lords of Madness
Gelatinous Cube - MM
Ghast - MM
Ghost - MM
Ghoul - MM
Ghoul, Lacedon - MM ("Ghoul")
Giant, Cloud - MM
Giant, Fire - MM
Giant, Frost - MM
Giant, Hill - MM
Giant, Stone - MM
Giant, Storm - MM
Gnoll - MM
Gnome - MM
Goblin - MM
Golem, Clay - MM
Golem, Flesh - MM
Golem, Iron - MM
Golem, Stone - MM
Gorgon - MM
Gray Ooze - MM
Green Slime - DMG (Hazard)
Griffon - MM
Groaning Spirit - MMII ("banshee")
Halfling - MM
Harpy - MM
Hell Hound - MM
Herd Animal - no official update
Hippocampus - Arms and Equipment Guide, Stormwrack
Hippogriff - MM
Hippopotamus - Sandstorm
Hobgoblin - MM
Homonculous - MM
Horse, Draft - no official update
Horse, Heavy - MM
Horse, Light - MM
Horse, Medium - no official update
Horse, Pony - MM
Horse, Wild - no official update
Hydra - MM
Hydra, Lernaean - MM
Hydra, Pyro - MM
Hyena - MM
Hyena, Giant - no official update
Imp - MM ("devil, imp")
Intellect Devourer - XPH
Invisible Stalker - MM
Irish Deer - Frostburn ("Megaloceros")
Ixitxachitl - MMII
Jackal - Sandstorm
Jackalwere - FF
Jaguar - MM ("leopard")
Ki-rin - OA
Kobold - MM
Lamia - MM
Lammasu - MM
Lamprey - no official update
Lamprey, Giant - no official update
Larva - MotP ("petitioner")
Leech, Giant - Stormwrack
Leopard - MM
Leprechaun - no official update
Leucrotta - Monsters of Faerun
Lich - MM
Lion, Mountain - MM ("leopard")
Lion, Spotted - no official update
Lizard Man - MM ("lizardfolk")
Lizard, Fire - no official update
Lizard, Giant - no official update
Lizard, Minotaur - no official update
Lizard, Subterranean - Forge of Fury
Locathah - MM
Lurker Above - WotC's site, Monster Mayhem, Underdark ("Lurker")
Lycanthrope, Werebear - MM
Lycanthrope, Wereboar - MM
Lycanthrope, Wererat - MM
Lycanthrope, Weretiger - MM
Lycanthrope, Werewolf - MM
Lynx, Giant - no official update
Mammoth - Frostburn
Manticore - MM
Masher - Dun #141
Mastodon - MMIII
Medusa - MM
Men, Bandit - DMG ("Warrior")
Men, Berserker - DMG ("Warrior")
Men, Buccaneer - DMG ("Warrior")
Men, Caveman - Frostburn ("Neanderthal")
Men, Dervish - DMG ("Warrior")
Men, Merchant - DMG ("Commoner" or "Expert")
Men, Pilgrim - DMG ("Commoner")
Merman - MM ("merfolk")
Mimic - MM
Mind Flayer - MM
Minotaur - MM
Mold, Brown - DMG (hazard)
Mold, Yellow - DMG (hazard)
Morkoth - MM
Mule - MM
Mummy - MM
Naga, Guardian - MM
Naga, Spirit - MM
Naga, Water - MM
Neo-otyugh - no official update
Night Hag - MM
Nightmare - MM
Nixie - MM ("sprite, nixie")
Nymph - MM
Ochre Jelly - MM
Octopus, Giant - MM
Ogre - MM
Ogre Mage - MM
Orc - MM
Otter, Giant - no official update
Otyugh - MM
Owl, Giant - MM
Owlbear - MM
Pegasus - MM
Peryton - Monsters of Faerun
Piercer - no official update
Pike, Giant - no official update
Pixie - MM ("sprite, pixie")
Porcupine, Giant - no official update
Portuguese Man-o-war, Giant - no official update
Pseudodragon - MM
Purple Worm - MM
Quasit - MM ("demon, quasit")
Rakshasa - MM
Ram, Giant - no official update
Rat, Giant - MM ("dire rat")
Ray, Manta - MM
Ray, Pungi - no official update
Ray, Sting - Stormwrack
Remorhaz - MM
Rhinoceros - MM
Rhinoceros, Woolly - Fiend Folio ("Dire Rhinoceros")
Roc - MM
Roper - MM
Rot Grub - Dungeonscape ("rot grub swarm")
Rust Monster - MM
Sahuagin - MM
Salamander - MM
Satyr - MM
Scorpion, Giant - MM ("monstrous scorpion")
Sea Hag - MM
Sea Horse, Giant - Dragon #327
Sea Lion - MM ("sea cat")
Shadow - MM
Shambling Mound - MM
Shark - MM
Shark, Giant - MMII ("Megalodon")
Shedu - FF
Shrieker - MM ("fungus, shrieker")
Skeleton - MM
Skunk, Giant - no official update
Slithering Tracker - Dungeon #143
Slug, Giant - Dragon #355
Snake, Giant, Amphisbaena - Serpent Kingdoms
Snake, Giant, Constrictor - MM
Snake, Giant, Poison - "snake, viper"
Snake, Giant, Sea - no official update
Snake, Giant, Spitting - no official update
Spectre - MM
Sphinx, Andro - MM
Sphinx, Crio - MM
Sphinx, Gyno - MM
Sphinx, Hieraco - MM
Spider, Giant - MM ("monstrous spider")
Spider, Huge - MM ("monstrous spider")
Spider, Large - MM ("monstrous spider")
Spider, Phase - MM
Spider, Water - no official update
Sprite- MM
Squid, Giant- MM
Stag - Silver Marches ("Deer" or "Elk")
Stag, Giant - MMII ("dire elk")
Stirge- MM
Strangle Weed - no official update
Su-Monster - Psionics Handbook Web Enhancement
Sylph - MMII
Thought Eater - XPH
Tick, Giant - Dragon #321
Tiger- MM
Tiger, Sabretooth - Frostburn ("Smilodon")
Titan- MM
Titanothere - no official update
Toad, Giant - OA
Toad, Ice - OA, Frostburn
Toad, Poisonous - OA
Trapper - no official update
Treant- MM
Triton- MM
Troglodyte- MM
Troll- MM
Turtle, Sea - no official update
Turtle, Snapping - Stormwrack
Umber Hulk - MM
Unicorn - MM
Vampire - MM
Wasp, Giant - MM
Water Weird - Dragon #347 ("Lesser Elemental Weird")
Weasel, Giant - MM (Dire Weasel)
Whale - MM ("whale, baleen; whale, orca; whale, cachalot")
Wight - MM
Will o' Wisp - MM
Wind Walker - no official update
Wolf - MM
Wolf, Dire - MM
Wolf, Winter - MM
Wolverine - MM
Wolverine, Giant - MM ("Dire Wolverine")
Wraith - MM
Wyvern - MM
Xorn - MM
Yeti - OA, Frostburn
Zombie - MM

Those without official updates:

Aerial Servant
Beaver, Giant
Beetle, Giant, Boring
Beetle, Giant, Rhinoceros
Beetle, Giant, Water
Boar, Warthog
Cattle, Wild
Dinosaur, Brachiosaurus
Dinosaur, Camarasaurus
Dinosaur, Dinichtys
Dinosaur, Gorgosaurus
Dinosaur, Iguanadon
Dinosaur, Lambeosaurus
Dinosaur, Megalosaurus
Dinosaur, Monoclonius
Dinosaur, Paleoscincus
Dinosaur, Pentaceratops
Dinosaur, Plateosaurus
Dinosaur, Styracosaurus
Dinosaur, Teratosaurus
Ear Seeker
Eel, Electric
Eel, Weed
Eye, Floating
Flightless Bird
Frog, Poisonous
Herd Animal
Horse, Draft
Horse, Medium
Horse, Wild
Hyena, Giant
Lamprey, Giant
Lion, Spotted
Lizard, Fire
Lizard, Giant
Lizard, Minotaur
Lynx, Giant
Otter, Giant
Pike, Giant
Porcupine, Giant
Portuguese Man-o-war, Giant
Ram, Giant
Ray, Pungi
Skunk, Giant
Snake, Giant, Sea
Snake, Giant, Spitting
Spider, Water
Strangle Weed
Turtle, Sea
Wind Walker
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Baluchiterium is in Fiend Folio as Indricotherium.
Antrodemus is the same as Allosaurus (why they just didn't use that name is beyond me). It's in Monster Manual II.
Diplodocus is in Dragon #318.
Ischyrus would be Archelon Ischyrus; it's in Stormwrack.
Frog, Giant -- Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
Gar, Giant -- Dragon #321
Irish Deer -- Frostburn (as Megaloceros)
Leech, Giant -- Stormwrack
Shark, Giant (Megalodon) -- Monster Manual II
Shedu -- Fiend Folio
Tick, Giant -- Dragon #321
Tiger, Sabertooth -- Frostburn
Ice Toad is also in Frostburn


GrayLinnorm said:
Baluchiterium is in Fiend Folio as Indricotherium.
Antrodemus is the same as Allosaurus (why they just didn't use that name is beyond me). It's in Monster Manual II.
It's because, according to the international rules on zoological classification, the first name used to officially describe a genus takes priority, and subsequent names are just junior synonyms. Hence Indricotherium (though it might be Paraceratherium), but Antrodemus' case is weaker. Wikipedia has articles on all named genera.

Oh yeah, I think the snapping turtle is in Stormwrack. I find Sulerin's Monstrous Master Index as a good reference.

Your friendly neighborhood paleontologist,
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Shirokinukatsukami fan
Flightless Bird - FF ("terror bird")
I don't think these are the same thing.

Flightless Bird: "These large avian creatures are typified by the ostrich, emu, and rhea. [...] All flightless birds are non-aggressive and run from danger."

Terror Bird: "Terror birds are cunnning scavengers and predators. [...] Their large, hooked beaks are perfect for tearing meat".

As far as I can tell, Flightless Birds haven't been officially updated to 3.X, but the ostrich, emu and rhea are all in Bestiary of the Realms, Volume 1.


Monster Junkie
Echohawk said:
I don't think these are the same thing.

I believe I confused it with the phororhacos. I remember one of the WotC crew stating that the terror bird was an update of one of the 1E flightless birds, and since the axebeak is in A&EG, then process of elimination would seem to point to the phororhacos. How do those compare?

I'll not Underdark on the lurker. Thanks for reminding me!


Shirokinukatsukami fan
Interesting. Comparing the terror bird with the both the axebeak and phororhacos entries in the Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Two doesn't reveal much in common, other than the fact that they're all predatory flightless birds. The description of the phororhacos in the original Monster Manual II is pretty terse, but does note "its claw attacks inflict double damage". Terror birds, on the other hand, have claws that "look wicked and sharp" but "do not use them to attack". That said, both the terror bird and the phororhacos have 7HD, so it is possible that the terror bird is a reimagining of the phororhacos sussurus-style.

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