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Where does a human shaman in 4e FR come from?


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I'm considering playing a human world speaker shaman in an upcoming 4e Forgotten Realms game. Can the FR loremasters out there recommend to me a good location/culture for my character to be from? DragonLance had the culture Goldmoon and Riverwind came from. Does FR have the same sort of primal human option?

I do have the 4e FRPG and FRCS, but as they came out before the primal power source, they don't really highlight good primal options they way they talk about gods and arcane magic all over the place. :)

Note - My DM is NOT allowing FRPG backgrounds, so don't let that affect your recommendations.


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Narfell is another area. Icewind Dale. The North. (Uthgardt Barbarians) Rashemen. The jungles of Chult. The Shaar area.(Whats left of it anyway) The Hordelands is another great area. All sorts of possiblites. Dont forget the Moonshae Islands.(very fey and primal) :)

EDIT: Where in the Realms will your game be at?
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These are some great ideas so far. A Chult witch doctor, a northern frost shaman, Hordelands Asian flavor, Rashemen spirit forests, all sound cool.

Our game will be set in the standard 4e timeframe after the Spellplague. I do not yet know where it will start geographically.

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