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Where (In what) do you store your dice?

Where (in what) do you store your dice?

  • Bag (Cloth .... Leather)

    Votes: 130 74.3%
  • Plastic Container (Rubbermaid / Tupperware)

    Votes: 34 19.4%
  • Wooden Chest (Jewelry box etc)

    Votes: 16 9.1%
  • Glass Container (Jar... Brandy Snifter etc)

    Votes: 6 3.4%
  • Metal Container (Can ... Metal tin etc)

    Votes: 21 12.0%
  • Cardboard Box

    Votes: 9 5.1%
  • Briefcase

    Votes: 3 1.7%
  • Backpack

    Votes: 10 5.7%
  • Footlocker

    Votes: 1 0.6%

  • Total voters

Kevin Cook

Per ssampier's Suggestion ... I thought to start his poll

I store mine in ... Rubbermaid containers mostly ... but there are some that are loose ... some that are in a large rolling footlocker

If you are curious ... HERE is how I store 20000+ dice
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First Post
I have 3 dice bags, one made by the Gamer's Bag... really awesome and that one holds my coolest dice, then I have this weird celtic bag for misc dice, and a black velvet bag for sets that didn't fit into my 'cool' status, they are either on my dresser or my desk.

Goblyns Hoard

First Post
MY dice are kept in a little wooden box - just big enough to store everything I need and some extras for when one of them is misfiring (yes I'm superstitious about my dice but I always treat them well and they seem to like me for it)

I also have a leather bag that contains a large collection of other dice along with pencils, sharpeners, erasers etc. These dice are not treated as well, are used by whoever forgets their dice and they don't seem to roll as well as mine :cool:


First Post
The soft Sunglass bags (with drawstrings) that Oakleys used to come in. I have no idea where the sunglasses are now... apparently the bags were the best part.


First Post
I have two bags made from pieces of the old Grand Curtain of the community theatre I am a part of, another bag made for me by a friend from upholstery fabric, a couple of leather bags for specific sets of dice, & a carved wooden box for a major portion of my six-sided dice.

The dangers of being a GM introducing new players. The need to have bags of dice ready to loan to those new players until they can get their own.


First Post
I also store my mixed dice in an old Crown Royal bag, as does another player in my group.

I'm a big fan of sets as oposed to mixed, but I'm considering buying a chainmail bag of some kind to store them all in.

Mr. Lobo

First Post
Rubbermaid containers. The round ones with 3 compartments. Use two containers for 6 different kinds of die. Keeps them nicely separated. I have 6 of each die.


First Post
Three different containers.

#1 -- a small, handcrafted wooden box with a hinged lid (absolutely no metal parts -- all wood!) given to me by my first girlfriend. This holds The Magic Dice (aka the ones that The Ref gets to use)

#2 -- a small wooden crate (originally built for a trio of grapefruit). This holds odds-n-ends dice.

#3 -- the Holy Canopic Jar of Dice, a hand-thrown, rough-glazed jar about 9" high, made by my third girlfriend. This holds the majority of the players' dice. Personally, I love this jar. :)

There are also a couple of small containers around the house, such as the leather pouch with the snowflake obsidian Dwarven Stones set, the small purple plastic box with 6 gold-plated lead dice, and the small plastic tube with "Official Las Vegas Dice Actually Used At The Sands Casino" ;)


First Post
I carry my DND dice in a chainmail pouch that I made 15 years ago. My Warhammer dice and measuring tape are in a betal box that I use to roll them in.


First Post
Bag and plastic case.

The bag is an old TDK tape carrying case (to fit 10 cassette tapes) - this holds all my colored d6's (for monsters) and miscellaneous dice. Inside that, I have a little plastic case that hold my specific multi-shaped dice.

Tom Cashel

First Post
Until recently I kept mine in a Crown Royal bag. I just broke down last week and bought my first dice bag (from Chaosium): it has the Yellow Sign of Hastur on it!

But those are just the three sets of "in play" dice I use most often.

I keep my d10s (for White Wolf) in a glass jar. The rest of the collection fills up a mason jar (and waits for players who forget their dice).

eris404 said:
A satiny bag that once held samples of shampoo. It's very girly and goes well with my pink dice. :)

Currently, I am also using one of those. But I don't have any pink dice.

Before that I used a converted gun case. I bought it from a guy who used it to carry miniatures and glued in foam inserts. I modified some of those to carry dice, pens and pencils, glass stones, and miniatures. The inserts were removable so I stuck bandaids, rulers, notecards and a spork in the bottom. I called it my Role-Playing Survival Kit. It also worked as an improvised weapon.

Before that I used a traveling shaving kit container.

Before that I used a wicker duck (we called it the dice duck and it was soooo cool.)

Before that I used a plastic container that came with sliced cheese for keeping the cheese fresh.

Before that I used a oriental themed wood box with green cloth that used to carry a stone egg. That was my first dice holder.

I think that the poll really needs an other option. ;)

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