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WOIN Where is the love for modern bows?


So I've been enjoying playing NOW WOIN for a while now. Last night it came up in my group's session about wanting to use compound bows, or even composite bows that the group would normally hunt with. After a quick search of the rules I couldn't find anything, the closest was from OLD and that was just a plain bow. I quickly just GM'd a ruling of stats for it, being AGI to attack, and 2d6+STR for piercing damage, and 110ft range.
I was just wondering if this would be accurate enough, or did I miss something?
Thank you WOIN community for your input


Well, that was fun
Staff member
I'm really not very knowledgeable about modern archery, but generally maybe you could look at the difference between a musket and a modern rifle, and apply a similar 'upgrade'.