D&D 4E Which 3rd party companies do you want 4ed products from?

I would like the chance to BUY 4th ed products from (multi choice):

  • Adamant Entertainment

    Votes: 10 5.8%
  • EN Publishing

    Votes: 49 28.5%
  • Expeditious Retreat Press

    Votes: 40 23.3%
  • Fantasy Flight Games

    Votes: 45 26.2%
  • Goodman Games

    Votes: 82 47.7%
  • Green Ronin Publishing

    Votes: 108 62.8%
  • Mongoose Publishing

    Votes: 35 20.3%
  • Necromancer Games

    Votes: 95 55.2%
  • Paizo Publishing

    Votes: 123 71.5%
  • Paradigm Concepts

    Votes: 10 5.8%
  • Privateer Press

    Votes: 35 20.3%
  • Fiery Dragon

    Votes: 27 15.7%
  • Trollord

    Votes: 16 9.3%
  • White Wolf/Swords & Sorcery

    Votes: 50 29.1%
  • Other (Please note)

    Votes: 19 11.0%
  • None: no 3rd party 4ed.

    Votes: 16 9.3%

  • Poll closed .


5ever, or until 2024
Who do you want making 4th edition compatible materials? And who do you think you would actually buy stuff from?

I have listed all these ones that participated in the call, and some more I thought of off the top of my head.

If someone is left out, list em below.

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Well, if I don't switch to 4e, then I don't care. I'm probably not in the market for game books, period, so it doesn't matter if they go 4e, stick with 3.5e, go 3.75, go non-d20, or something else entirely.

However, if I do switch to 4e, then the companies I will be looking for are Paizo, Goodman and Necromancer. I would expect to buy at least one, and probably more, product from each of these during the lifespan of 4e. I will also be very interested to see which way Green Ronin and Mongoose go.


5ever, or until 2024
MatrexsVigil said:
I also voted Other, because while not possible, I would love to see Arcana Evolved 4e. =)


Oops. I would have listed Malhavoc...if I thought of it.

But wait, Fiery Dragon has been doing some support for Malhavoc products. Maybe they could do it....

Which brings me to me next point:

Go Fiery Dragon!


The tingling means it’s working!
Privateer Press. Their Warmachine setting is the most interesting and visually appealing setting since Dark Sun*, and the quality of their products is top in the industry.

Steam-powered semi-sentient Warjacks, gunmages, bestial hordes, actual (and fun) mass combat rules, astoundingly dark/Cthulhoid tones, scarce resurrection magic (and if found, comes with a terrible price), warring nations, ancient sites ripe for adventure... sign me up for 4E!






* Which makes sense, given that Privateer's creative director painted this: http://www.mattwilsonart.com/gallery pages/Dragonwizard_Detail.shtml
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I'm kind of afraid of companies who would just update their old stuff to the new edition. I want to see new stuff, new fluff and possibly new crunch. No Freeport 4E please! This is why I voted Goodman Games and Necromancer Games.

About fiery dragon, do they still exists? I mean, they are friendly and all, but are they still making products beside counters?

Jan van Leyden

I've bought way too many books to use in 3(.5)e times. I've decided to cut back and keep my shelf more empty than before.

So I'll first restrain myself from 3rd party stuff and limit my shopping to WotC material.

The rules-related books I've bought from 3rd party publishers are gathering dust.The amount of available stuff is so big that it makes no sense for me and my players to try to manage everything. And my players are not so interested in the game that they start buying books on their own and convince me to allow these books.

Non of the publishers in the list has succeeded in winning me over as a loyal follower. I'll read the reviews and wait.

Most probably, there will be some small publisher wish ideas so fresh that I'll buy there stuff. Only when I plan to start a campaign with a very different focus or flavour I might be tempted to buy another campaign setting.


Baron von Bomberg


I'd be potentially (if I like the 4e rules once I've seen them) interested in products from Goodman Games, Green Ronin Publishing, Mongoose Publishing, Necromancer Games and Paizo Publishing (and other Wolfgang Bauers Open Design) - but any decision to buy would ultimately depend on what the actual products were, whether they were any good, and whether I had any actual use for them.

The only dead cert at the moment for me is that I'll buy the 4e corebooks to take a look at the new rules.


Third-party D&D4e/OGL publishers

I think that Mongoose's licensed D20 properties, Green Ronin's historical sourcebooks, and "classic feel" supplements from other third-party publishers would all be good things to update using the allegedly streamlined rules of Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition.

So while I don't need rehashes of many settings or still more prestige classes and spells (or whatever will replace them), revised and expanded editions of certain books would be nice.


If I get into 4E heavily, Necro and Green Ronin are the two companies I would buy the most from, because their products have proven to me in the past to be the most useful and the best done out of the whole field. I consistently like the stuff they've done, from D&D to not-D&D.


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Kaladhan said:
I'm kind of afraid of companies who would just update their old stuff to the new edition. I want to see new stuff, new fluff and possibly new crunch. No Freeport 4E please! This is why I voted Goodman Games and Necromancer Games.

You realize the first thing Necro is doing is Tome of Horrors 4E, which more or less defines updating old stuff.

Freeport's new core book is already out and its systemless. GR may do a 4E companion, but I doubt that'll be the focus of their 4E effort (if any).


Demon Lord
CaptainChaos said:
You realize the first thing Necro is doing is Tome of Horrors 4E, which more or less defines updating old stuff.

Im fairly certain there will be some new stuff in the book too. :)


I do not want to go 4e at all.

The only reason I MIGHT want to go 4e is if Living Arcanis continues in 4e. And then again, that's not even certain to fit the bill.

Now, I know some publishers can write well enough that their products that something interesting can still be salvaged from it.

So I voted for Paradigm, Paizo, Green ronin and Fantasy Flight.
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Aldarc said:
Malhavoc Press

I would eventually like to see something akin to a 4E update to Arcana Evolved and Ptolus.
A new "Book of Eldritch/Hallowed/Iron Might" would be nice as well, especially because it'd fit the arcane/divine/martial division of 4E. And because the books were great. And because Monte's stuff (I know that BoIM was Mearls') usually vibes well with me, especially his names and locations.

Cheers, LT.

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