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D&D 5E Which of these settings do you want to see for D&D Next?

Which of these settings should be supported by 5E?

  • A brand new setting

    Votes: 100 48.3%
  • Birthright

    Votes: 45 21.7%
  • Dark Sun

    Votes: 104 50.2%
  • Dragonlance

    Votes: 53 25.6%
  • Eberron

    Votes: 88 42.5%
  • Forgotten Realms

    Votes: 92 44.4%
  • Jakandor

    Votes: 10 4.8%
  • Ghostwalk

    Votes: 21 10.1%
  • Greyhawk

    Votes: 115 55.6%
  • Mystara

    Votes: 53 25.6%
  • Nerath (Nentir Vale)

    Votes: 46 22.2%
  • Pelinore

    Votes: 7 3.4%
  • Planescape

    Votes: 94 45.4%
  • Ravenloft

    Votes: 71 34.3%
  • Spelljammer

    Votes: 50 24.2%
  • Other

    Votes: 27 13.0%
  • None of the Above

    Votes: 4 1.9%

  • Poll closed .


First Post
I answered only FR, because it's got so much material available from older editions, including free articles online, that it's my idea of a DM's paradise.

More important than any of the others is information on building your own setting.

I could also see a setting conversion book that would help rewrite the mechanical parts of any previous editions' campaign settings. This would include pantheons and cosmologies, to the extent that they affect playing clerics or casting some spells. Also, refluffing and tweaking races and classes to fit those settings.

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Tony Vargas

I've really never cared for published settings. As long as the rules themselves are setting-neutral, I have no problem with publishing as many settings as desired. Support 'em all, foist none of them off as 'core' or 'default.'


First Post
A small 5E core world having gateways to all the D&D worlds ever published.

Sounds like the Outlands / Concordant Opposition or Sigil. However, there are a few problems setting Planescape as the base setting, much as I'd like it.

On the other hand, fleshing out the Outlands and making them the core setting is an interesting idea I hadn't thought of before.


First Post
I would like to see:
Birthright: Not necessarily the setting, but the idea behind it.
Greyhawk: One of the original settings, it would be nice to see it return in a modern edition.
Spelljammer: The quirky one. A setting for pushing the boundries on what D&D can really do when the GM puts his mind to it.
Eberron: Fantasy with a twist, for those who aren't content with Greyhawk.
Ravenloft: For those who like a little bit (or a lot) of horror in their game. There's still a lot that can be done with Ravenloft and I'd like to see it happen.

I would not like to see:
Planescape: It's my favourite setting, far and beyond any other. But I don't think anything put out by WotC now could equal the old box sets. Mention the wheel if you will, but leave Planescape as it was in 3e, as a side-note.
Forgotten Realms: Yes, a bit late to protest this one, but I feel that the Realms need a break after the havoc wreaked by 4e.

Elf Witch

First Post
I am not sure I want a new setting it would have to be something special and different than what has been done before and that might make it out there for a lot of people.

I like the idea of support for older settings. Some of those settings have been out of print for such a long time that for a lot of new players they would be something new.

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