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Based on Boz's most excellent Dragon monster index, I thought I'd start an index of critters appearing in the White Dwarf.

In case you didn't know, back in the day the WD was an excellent British RPG magazine published by Games Workshop. WD had plenty of great D&D articles, and in its heyday could easily compete with Dragon for quality and popularity.

A long-running feature in WD was the Fiend Factory, a column of new monsters. Many of these monsters were later harvested and processed for inclusion in the Fiend Folio -- including classics like the hook horrors, grell, and githyanki.

As time went on, the focus of White Dwarf shifted away from D&D, and by issue 100 the magazine was 100% devoted to Warhammer and other games.

My own collection of WDs is pretty spotty, with several large gaps. I used "Psyker's (now Exodite's) White Dwarf and Fanatic Press Issue Index Home Page" to fill in the holes and to check my work.

I only focused on monsters stated for *D&D -- if you included new Runequest monsters, the list would increase significantly.

In any case, this list should be considered fairly preliminary. I posting it here in the hope that other folks will be able to help clean it up.
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White Dwarf Issues 1-25

WD 1 (June/July 1977): none.

WD 2 (Aug/Sept 1977): Spinescale (Ian Livingston), Dune Stalker (Ian Livingston), Ning (Ian Livingston), Giant Caterpillar (Ian Livingston), Bloodhawk (Ian Livingston).

WD 3 (Oct/Nov 1977): none.

WD 4 (Dec 1977/Jan 1978), "Monsters Mild & Malign": Glitch, Droll, Smoke Creature, Smoke Demon, Typo, Mind Drain, Ibem, Black Leech, Black Orc, Death Snake.

WD 5 (Feb/March 1978), "Monsters Mild & Malign": Beholder Variant - Fuzzy, Beholder Variant - Steely, Gremlin, Bogy, Demon - Imps, Demon - Iron, Cyborg, Cyclops, Manta, Cynopard, Banth, Kzin, Mobil DissThreep, Goldeater, Sphex.

WD 6 (April/May 1978), "A Place in the Wilderness": Dragon spider (Lewis Pulsipher), Termagant (Lewis Pulsipher), Blue Horror (Lewis Pulsipher), Striding Murderer (Lewis Pulsipher), Longhorned Murderer (Lewis Pulsipher), Fiend (Lewis Pulsipher), Jugger (Lewis Pulsipher).

WD 6 (April/May 1978), "Fiend Factory": Needleman (Trevor Graver), Throat Leech (Ian Livingstone), Mite (Ian Livingstone), Bonesnapper (Ian Livingstone), Fiend (Ian Livingstone), Disenchanter (Roger Musson), Nilbog (Nick Best).

WD 7 (June/July 1978), "Fiend Factory": Necrophidius (Simon Tilbrook), Rover (Gary Ames), Living Wall (Neville White), Volt (Jonathan Jones), Gluey (Guy Shearer), Squonk (Christopher Kinnear), Eye Killer (Ian Livingstone), Witherweed (Simon Eaton), Withera (Don Turnbull).

WD 7 (June/July 1978), "Lair of the Demon Queen": Banshee (Tom Wright).

WD 8 (Aug/Sept 1978), "Fiend Factory": Tween (Ian Waugh), Cloocicus Simbiocicus (Roger Musson), Rock Beast (Callum Forbes), Carbuncle (Albie Fiore), Coffer Corpse (Simon Eaton), Whirler (Simon Muth), Turlung (Thomas Benson), Stinwicodech (Eamon Bloomfield).

WD 9 (Oct/Nov 1978), "Fiend Factory": Svart (Cricky Hitchcock), Dokon (Ian McDowell), Imorph (Andrew Key), Stair Stalker (Roger Musson), Whipper (Bob Scurfield), Flying Fish (Dave Waring), Urchin (Nick Louth), Umpleby (Stephen Wood), Nasnas (Roger Musson).

WD 9 (Oct/Nov 1978), "The Lichway: Complete Mini-Dungeon": Susurrus (Albie Fiore).

WD 10 (Dec 1978/Jan 1979), "Fiend Factory": Blink Skeleton (Brian Hanstock), Inverse Monster (John Culver), Mimble (Tony Brinkham), Familiar (Trevor Mendham), Sandman (Roger Musson), Eastern Skeleton (Brian Taylor), Warlock Cat (David Taylor), Bragger (Roger Musson), Dahdi (Mervyn Lemon).

WD 11 (Feb/March 1979), "Fiend Factory": Lauren (Colin Reynolds), Spook (Roger Musson), Witherstench (Jonathan Jones), Tribe of the Stone (Jack McArdle), Berbalang (Albie Fiore), Sheet Phantom (David Wormell), Lapidan (Roger Musson), Devil Dog (Louis Boschelli).

WD 12 (April/May 1979), "Fiend Factory": Assassin Bug (Ian Livingstone), Iron Pig (Roger Musson), Grell (Ian Livingstone), Hook Horror (Ian Livingstone), Githyanki (Charles Stross), Giant Bloodworm (Ian Livingstone), Desert Raider (Cricky Hitchcock), Three-Headed Skrat (Bob Montgomery).

WD 13 (June/July 1979), "Fiend Factory": Doombat (Julian Lawrence), Terithran (Ronald Hall), Imp, Fire (M. Stolery), Imp, Smoke (M. Stolery), Imp, Steam (M. Stolery), Imp, Molten (M. Stolery), Shadow Demon (Neville White).

WD 14 (Aug/Sept 1979), "Fiend Factory": Gurgotch (Roger Musson), Mindweb (David Taylor), Energy Cyclone (MC), Ice Maiden (David Hicks), Gazer (Charles Stross)

WD 15 (Oct/Nov 1979), "Fiend Factory": Heat Monster, Tacharanid, Dragon Dog, Russian Doll Monster (Mike Ferguson), Time Freezer, Pebble Gnome.

WD 16 (Dec 1979/Jan 1980), "Chronicle Monsters: Inspired by The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever": Raver (Lewis Pulsipher), Evil Cormorant (Lewis Pulsipher), Ur-Vile (Lewis Pulsipher), Cavewight (Lewis Pulsipher), Seareach Giant (Lewis Pulsipher).

WD 16 (Dec 1979/Jan 1980), "Fiend Factory": Tenser Beast (J. D. Morris), Man Scorpion (Phil Masters), Ogress (Mark Barnes), Wrecker (Andrew Hicks), Plantman (Brendan Bulger).

WD 17 (Feb/March 1980), "Fiend Factory": Night Rider (Chris Morris), Spice Worm (Dave Tant), Heat Skeleton (Nicholas Riggs), Bodach (Michael Roberts), Green Worm (Ghee Bowman), Goom (Nigel Proudfoot).

WD 18 (April/May 1980), "Fiend Factory: Inspired by Fiction": Mandrake Person (Glen Godard), Hound of Kerenos, Phung (Simon Tilbrook), Couerl.

WD 18 (April/May 1980), "The Halls of Tizune Thane": Green Gremlin (Albie Fiore), Gu'en-Deeko (Albie Fiore), Nandie (Albie Fiore), Nandie-Bear (Albie Fiore), Shadow Dancer (Albie Fiore).

WD 19 (June/July 1980), "Fiend Factory: Low level monsters": Empipath (Andy Wouldham), Stormbiter (Simon Eaton), Undead Horse (John Webster), Werefox (John R. White), Darkhawk (James Meek).

WD 20 (Aug/Sept 1980), "Fiend Factory: Mini-wilderness scenario for 4th-6th level adventurers": Creeper (John R. Gordon), Water Leaper (Roger Moore), Slime Beast (Dave Stapleton), Frog Folk (Phil Masters), Melodemon (Michael Wilkinson), Cauldron-Born (Tim Walters).

WD 21 (Oct/Nov 1980), "Fiend Folio: One Eye Canyon - Mini-Wilderness Scenario, 5th-7th Level": Brother of the Pine (Julian Lawrence), Chthon (Colin Reynolds), Enslaver (Roger Moore), Miceman (Stephem Norledge), Dragon Warrior (Tony Wilson), Grey Sqaarg (Graham Head), Cyclops (Albie Fiore).

WD 22 (Dec 1980/Jan 1981), "Fiend Factory: The Heavy Brigade": The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Ian Cooper), Ungoliant - Queen of the Spiders, Capricorn (Roger Moore), Crystal Golem.

WD 23 (Feb/Mar 1981), "Fiend Factory: The Flymen": Flyman (Daniel Collerton), Flyman Drone (Daniel Collerton), Flyman Artisan (Daniel Collerton), Flyman Warrior (Daniel Collerton), Flyguard (Daniel Collerton), Flymage (Daniel Collerton), Northfly (Daniel Collerton), Sandfly (Daniel Collerton).

WD 24 (April/May 1981), "The Lair of Maldred the Mighty": Morghiss (Mark Byng), Doombat (Mark Byng), Guardian Skeleton (Mark Byng).

WD 24 (April/May 1981), "Fiend Factory: Monster Madness": Bonacon (David Taylor), Llort (Andrew Key), Todal (Marcus Barbor), Tali Monster (Craig Edwards), Dungeon Master (Malory Nye).

WD 25 (June/July 1981), "Fiend Factory: The Black Manse - mini-scenario for 5-6th level": Dream Demon (Phil Masters), Incubus (Roger E. Moore), Brain Sucker (John R. Gordon), Guardian (Simon Tolbrook).
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White Dwarf Issues 26-50

WD 26 (Aug/Sept 1981), "Fiend Factory: Dire Tribes": Shadow Goblin (Barney Sloane), Asrai (Roger E. Moore), Forest Giant (M. Newton), Winter Kobold (Jonathan Hardwick).

WD 27 (Oct/Nov 1981), "Fiend Factory: Near Misses": Spikehead, Wirrn (Ian Beckingham), Greenman (Brendan Bulger), White Ape (Brendan Bulger), Cold Beast (Dean Lockwood).

WD 28 (Dec 1981/Jan 1982), "Operation Counterstrike": Ralkan (Marcus L. Rowland).

WD 28 (Dec 1981/Jan 1982), "Fiend Factory: Out of the Woods": Whispering Tongue (Simon Miller), Driver Ant (Albie Fiore), Birch Spirit (C. N. Cartmell), Chameliad (R. D. Bowes), Black Unicorn (Alan Howcroft/Anthony Howcroft).

WD 29 (Feb/Mar 1982), "Fiend Factory: The Desert Light - Mini-scenario for 5th-6th level characters": Giant Sandcrab, Anubi, Kail, Shim-Shari, Argorian Wormkin.

WD 30 (April/May 1982), "The Curse of the Wildland": Hsiao (Phil Masters)

WD 30 (April/May 1982), "Fiend Factory: In Good (?) Company": Stirge Demon (Ivo Smith), Weresnake (Cas Liber), Muryan (Roger Moore), Sprite Knight (Phil Masters), Vampire Wolf (Coacula) (Trevor M. French), Minidrag (D. Parrington).

WD 31 (June/July 1982), "Fiend Factory: In search of a Fool - D&D mini-adventure for 4th/5th level adventurers": Daoine Sidhe, Leanan-Sidhe, Lorelei Willow (Roger Moore), Dendridi (Phil Masters).

WD 32 (Aug 1982), "Lore of the Ring: Tolkien Adaptations": Nazgul, Winged Beast.

WD 32 (Aug 1982), "Fiend Factory: Little Things": Greater Raven, Nightling, Qothe, Wyrmlet, Mara.

WD 33 (Sept 1982), "Fiend Factory: All in the Mind": Psitan, Psi-mule, Giant Mole (Roger Moore), Zytra, Lord of the Mind Flayers (Charles Stross), Grimp.

WD 34 (Oct 1982), "Troubles at Embertrees": Giant Wood Ant (Paul Vernon), Embertree (Paul Vernon)

WD 34 (Oct 1982), "Fiend Factory: More Dead Than Alive": Morbe (Albie Fiore), Unborn (David Howard), Rusalka (Roger Moore), Wraith-Warrior (Daniel Secker), Goldfinger (I. J. Chomacki).

WD 35 (Nov 1982), "Fiend Factory: Lord of Kanuu": Spidron (John R. Gordon), Beggar-Louse - Normal (Alan Heaven), Beggar-Louse - Sand (Alan Heaven), Beggar-Louse - Marsh (Alan Heaven), Beggar-Louse - Giant (Alan Heaven), Dark Bat (Christopher Kirk), Undead Rat - Skeletal Rat (P. M. Rhodes), Undead Rat - Zombie Rat (P. M. Rhodes).

WD 36 (Dec 1982), "Fiend Factory: The Loculi": Loculi.

WD 37 (Jan 1983), "Fiend Factory: Species Special": Weed Delver, Crestcat, Javukchari, Antmen.

WD 37 (Jan 1983), "The City in the Swamp": Ghralthi (Graeme Davis).

WD 38 (Feb 1983), "Fiend Factory: Faerie Denizens": Gwyllion, Bogle, Redcap, Bean-Nighe, Fay Stirge, Spriggan, Duergar, Phooka, Black Annis.

WD 39 (Mar 1983), "The Daughter of Danu": Gremlins (Alan E and Charles M Paull).

WD 43 (July 1983), "Fiend Factory: And Some Came Riding": Bug Rider, Lich-King, Vanith-Vadiren.

WD 44 (Aug 1983), "Fiend Factory: Tribes and Tribulations": Wodennian (Phil Masters), Blackling (Dan Lukacinsky), Wohk (Anthony Bufton), Yelg (Mark Monaghan).

WD 45 (Sept 1983), "Fiend Factory: Plane Speaking": Sand Demon (Alan Craddock), Fire Tongue (Alan Craddock), Servant of the Flame (Alan Craddock), Elemental, Dust (Jason Micklewright), Elemental, Heat (Jason Micklewright), Elemental, Ice (Jason Micklewright), Elemental, Vapour (Jason Micklewright).

WD 46 (Oct 1983), "Fiend Factory: Death in Green - Mini-Scenario for medium high level party of 4-8 adventurers": Ivyix (Dale Hueber), Crimson Carpet (Mark Byng), Acrophid (John Gordon), Puffball Plant, The (Mark Byng), Vily (Dale Bartlett), Dame Verte (Ed Dovey).

WD 47 (Nov 1983), "Fiend Factory: Mini-Monsters": Diabolo (Phil Masters), Trollkin (Dan Lukacinsky), Trist (John Gordon), Krowk (Dale Hueber), Gromit (John Smart).

WD 48 (Dec 1983), "Fiend Factory: Dungeoneering with Demons": Gremlin (Liz Fletcher), Sraim (Liz Fletcher), B'Krath (Liz Fletcher), Rult (Liz Fletcher), Storm Demon (Liz Fletcher), Stalker (Liz Fletcher), Porphyr (Liz Fletcher), Amorph (Liz Fletcher), Pazuzu (Liz Fletcher), Demon Wolf (Liz Fletcher), Incubus/Succubus (Liz Fletcher), Nightmare (Liz Fletcher), Akresh (Liz Fletcher).

WD 49 (Jan 1984), "Fiend Factory: Insect World": Skullcatcher, Giant Praying Mantis, Giant Moth, Golden Beetle, Drainwing.

WD 49 (Jan 1984), "The Key of Tirandor, Part One: The Search for the City": Wood-Demons, Anak (Mike Polling).

WD 50 (February 1984), "The Key of Tirandor Part 2: Inside the Lost City": Guardians of the City (Mike Polling).
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White Dwarf Issues 51+

WD 51 (March 1984), "Fiend Factory: Creatures in Exile Based on Julian May's The Saga of the Exiles novels": Firvulag, Tanu, Howler.

WD 52 (April 1984), "Fiend Factory: Close Encounters of the First Kind Low Level Creatures": Spider Dragon, Whippersnapper, Marsh-Wiggle, Grey Dominator.

WD 53 (May 1984), "Fiend Factory: Slave Hunt - Low Level Mini-Adventure": Wood Skeleton (Wayne Burchell), Plentyn Nos (Anonymous), Zwergind (F. J. Dolan), Gremkin, Black (Trevor M. French), Gremkin, Red (Trevor M. French), Gremkin, Green (Trevor M. French).

WD 53 (May 1984), "The Naked Orc: A Study of Orcish Society": Soldier Orc (Rufus Wedderburn), Snaga Orc (Rufus Wedderburn), Uruk Orc (Rufus Wedderburn).

WD 54 (June 1984), "Fiend Factory: Now You See Them, Now You Don't": Surrogate (Fred Lee Cain), Shapeling (Fred Lee Cain).

WD 56 (Aug 1984), "Fiend Factory: High Planes Drifters - creatures from the Planes": Rok-or, Magmite, Mephit, Ice, Mind Shadow.

WD 56 (Aug 1984),"The Belgariad: Fantasy Fiction for AD&D": Algroths, Mud-Men (Peter Ransome).

WD 56 (Aug 1984), "The Sunfire's Heart, Part 1: Erresea Island": Buggane (Minor Demon) (P G Emery).

WD 57 (Sept 1984), "Fiend Factory: Majipoor Monsters from Lord Valentine's Castle and Marjipoor Chronicles by Robert Silverberg": Sea Dragon, Forest-Brethren, Metamorph, Skandar, Vroon, Hjort, Ghayrog.

WD 57 (Sept 1984), "The Sunfire's Heart, Part 2: The Island of Rammas": Frost Vampire (Peter Emery).

WD 58 (Oct 1984), "Fiend Factory: Chun the Unavoidable Mini-Scenario 2-4th Level": Archeults, Pelgrane, Deodand, Chun.

WD 59 (Nov 1984), "The Great Hunt": The Reaver, The Great Hunter (Simon Iff).

WD 60 (Dec 1984), "Fiend Folio: Felines, Fungi and Phantoms": Bush Cat, Tunnel Crawler, Blood Spore, Helgost.

WD 61 (Jan 1985), "All Creepies Great and Small": Bug, Armbane Bug, Bug, Buzzbug, Bug, Stinger, Bug, Milead Bug, Bug, Gnaw Bug, Bug, Giant Mosquito, Igni Beetle, Flame Beetle, Caraxe.

WD 61 (Jan 1985), "Beyond the Shadow of a Dream": Woods Vampire (Ian Marsh).

WD 62 (Feb 1985), "Fiend Folio: O Caber": Pine Tree Spirit.

WD 63 (March 1985), "Fiend Factory: A Not-So-Lonely Mountain": White Hart,The, Gwillion, Cramesha, Zirosownee (Two-Headed Eagle).

WD 64 (April 1985), "Fiend Factory: Trogaar": Sand Golem, Desert Orc, Cactus Cat, Sand Sniper.

WD 65 (May 1985), "Fiend Factory": Noegyth Nibin, The.

WD 66 (June 1985), "Fiend Factory: The Silent Hater": Gachragar, Stong Toad, Green Salamander, Swamp Lurker, Silent Hater.

WD 66 (June 1985), "The Philosopher's Stone": Lashbriar (David Whiteland).

WD 71 (Nov 1985), "Fiend Factory: Just Good Fiends - What Makes an Interesting Monster ": Psychic Vampire.

WD 73 (Jan 1986), "Fiend Factory: Jumble Jungle - Rain-forest monsters for AD&D": Army Wasps, Vampire Bat, Quetzl, Aphrodite's Nemesis.

WD 75 (Mar 1986), "Nightmare in Green": Fire-Flower (Graeme Davis), Leechweed (Graeme Davis), Stagweed (Graeme Davis), Oozing Jelly (Graeme Davis), Brothers of the Pine (Graeme Davis).

WD 82 (Oct 1986), "A Stroll Across the Discworld: AD&D Adventures on the Back of a Giant Turtle (Not forgetting the four elephants)": Bel-Shamharoth, The Troll of Discworld, "Ashley Shepherd."
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Re: White Dwarf Issues 51+

Garnfellow said:
WD 58 (October 1984), "Fiend Factory: Chun the Unavoidable Mini-Scenario 2-4th Level": Archveults, Pelgrane, Deodand, Chun.

Vance monsters ! Gimmie !

I also want windstick demons and archfeathers. (I'm not sure of their names, having read translations, the windstick demons are the hopping monsters that ambushes the caravan in Cugel Saga, archfeathers are enemies of Rhialto that know where to find the precious IOUN stones. Maybe that's what the Archveults are.)
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BOZ said:
pretty awesome! :D now if only i knew what a lot of those monsters do...

Looking over the lists, I'm tempted to begin a regular series of conversions. Many of the monsters -- especially in the early issues -- are fairly goofy. (Imagine being too goofy for the original Fiend Folio !) But there are several quite good monsters and even a few real gems that, for whatever reason, have not yet been resurrected.

As an aside, one of the coolest things about paging through these old White Dwarfs is the art. While the 1980 vintage game mechanics may feel hopelessly out of date, illustrations by Russ and other Fiend Folio artists never go out of style.


Creature Cataloguer
before you start on that, you might want to check here to see what cildarith has done already. he was going at a very good pace, but he hasn't done any conversions in a few weeks.


BOZ said:
before you start on that, you might want to check here to see what cildarith has done already. he was going at a very good pace, but he hasn't done any conversions in a few weeks.

Veeeeery nice . . . I hadn't seen those conversions before, and the acrophid would have been on my A list. Thanks for the scoop.

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