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D&D 5E Who got their Rime today?


Elder Thing
My FLGS misplaced my order, and for the first time since 5e started the hobby cover version of the book sold out in two days (of course I ordered the hobby cover version ) so I don't have mine yet. They are moving a copy from their other store, so I'll have it in about a week, and I'm really looking forward to this one.

Aside from it being set in the Forgotten Realms (which really seems just as easy to ignore this time as it did with ToA anyway) the whole product seems right up my alley.

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Got my (very pretty!) special cover version from my FLGS today! Very hefty in size and weight, for an adventure.

I had kind of paged through it on Beyond, but now I can properly sit down and read it with the nice physical copy. As a Realms fan, I do like how these adventures are also now (following in the footsteps of the Waterdeep and Baldur's Gate books) more ore less campaign settings as well, and I hope we see them spread out a bit to cover other areas of the setting in the near future...


Snotling Herder
Received mine yesterday, I think it's fantastic the best wizards 5e adventure book I own (I don't have curse of strahd)

I'm in two minds if I should run it, as I'm quite a way off finishing my current campaign and there are so many good ideas in RIME that I could lift and shift into it, decisions, decisions!


Since the are are not FLGS in my country (only people who buy on internet a re sell books) I bought mine on amazon and get it on friday. Looks like a pretty solid book. I have to read it but seems like really interesting with some cool turns and weird encounters.

Picked my copy up on Saturday, finally. Had meant to go Friday, but a bunch of construction workers with milling machines showed up to do work on my street...and did nothing. The alt cover is really gorgeous.

On Sunday I lit a bonfire out back, poured myself an Old Fashioned, and sat out back with my wife and our dog, reading it. I really like it so far. I love the optional secrets rule for character creation. As meaty as the book is, I'm a little surprised that it is only supposed to go to 12th level.