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Who in the World is James M. Ward?

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Gamma World (first edition, "lightning bolt"-style name on the map) was the first RPG I bought with my own money, 1980 or 81.
When I went to college, I picked my electives to learn more about building a background society that 'hangs together' … because I wanted to create my own GW location sourcebook.
I will be fascinated to learn more about creating the setting and the monsters.

Thank you, Mr. Ward, for agreeing to take on this project.


Mr. Ward,

Thank you for sharing the remembrances with us - I look forward to reading them! Also, well-wishes for you and your family’s good health.


Thank you Jim Ward for sharing your time and talent. I am one of the "old guard" as well but as a consumer. I grew up in Illinois and was a pre-teen during the beginning years of TSR. I remember getting hooked on D&D almost instantly, receiving the various books and modules over the upcoming years for birthdays and Christmas. I remember with great fondness the "Deities & Demigods" book especially since I was and am such a huge mythology buff.

I really look forward to reading your column in the future!

PS: I have always had a question from Deities & Demigods that I am not sure you can answer. From the "Rudra" entry: exactly how much treasure CAN one store in "a special portable hole...the same size as the Grand Canyon." ;)


I'm too young to have played the "Old guard" style D&D, but I've always been fascinated by D&D's history and how different the game design used to be, so this is cool.

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