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WotBS Who killed Steppengard’s family?


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I keep reading through the Mad King’s Banquet and I cannot figure out who killed Steppengard’s family and how. Am I missing something?

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It's been 14 years since we wrote it, so I can't recall what we had planned, but today I'm going to say, "Madness." She snuck around incorporeal, killed a bunch of Steppengard's family, then killed Nina and took her form.


It is implied but not written that Madness did it to make Steppengard open for turning him against his own nation so to say. Its plausible that she herself killed all that were at the party and slaughtered them and let someone else poison the others. It is not however explicity spelled out as far as I can tell. Maybe even the ragesians have something to do with it, who knows =)

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