Who's the Demon Lord of Disease?

Dog Moon

Or pestilence or something similar? Trying to remember, but I'm unable to find it and I seem to have misplaced my Book of Vile Darkness so I can't look there...

Help would be much appreciated. :)

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Beelzebub is the Lord of Flies, and the Hag Countess is covered in virulent pustules. However, they're both devils. I didn't see a Demon Prince of Diseases. You could use the WH Prince of Pestilence Nurgal.


I'm not aware of a demon lord associated specifically with disease, and none of the archdevils fit that bill fully either. However there were several yugoloths (daemons in 1e) that were overtly linked to disease - in fact the whole disease motif was associated with them as a type of fiend, as an extension of their and the Gray Waste's style of blind, uncaring agony and spiritual decay.

Unique 'loths with some sort of disease association, or potential one:

Mydianchlarus (current Oinoloth)
Anthraxus (former Oinoloth, and altraloth)
Typhus (altraloth)
Bubonix (altraloth, Overlord of Carceri)
Cholerix (altraloth)
Xenghara (altraloth)
Taba (altraloth)

Daru ib Shamiq (baernaloth)
Harishek ap Thulkesh (baernaloth)


A suffusion of yellow
Azazel (Prince) - associated with Pestilence

Bayemon of the Unhealing Wound - Lord of 'the Afflicted'


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Shemeska's response was what I was thinking. In 3e it was either Hades or Carceri but the head honcho Ultroloth (called the Oinoloth IIRC) could create new diseases almost at-will to further ravage the battle torn landscape and subsequently spread to the other planes.

Since the Ugoloths have been incorporated into the Demon fold in 4e, it could be simple to say that the Oinoloth Ultro-Demon is this Demon Prince of Undead. I think that gives it a nice twist, but to each their own. For some reason I've just always been a fan of Ugoloths.


Another vote for Father Nurgle.

If you haven't heard of him, he's from Games Workshop's Warhammer games. You can't use the stats, but the fluff is hard to beat.


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Blood for the Blood God!

I seem to have awoken some dormant feelings with that one...

For reference, should anyone want to know, the four Chaos Gods are:

Nurgle (pestilence, decay, disease)
Tzeentch (change, magic)
Khorne (war, blood)
Slaanesh (sensation, pleasure, overindulgence).

I'm sure my ENWorld colleagues can supply more details if required.


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I think you could do a lot worse than bring in Nurgle - of course, using all four Chaos Gods from Warhammer could turn the campaign in an interesting way, too.

I was actually thinking of doing that with the campaign I'm running. The kids in it all know who the Chaos Gods are....but little would they suspect me slowly slipping them into their D&D campaign... Small clues here and there, etc. I was planning some mass world shattering event in their campaign, and thanks to this thread...well, got me thinking. Mwuahahahahaha!!!!



So, I'll bite: can anyone tell me what the Chaos Gods are all up on?

Gaming seems to associate "Chaos" with "Random, crazy action" or "Anti-Civilzation". But I've been told that the Chaos Gods aren't Chaotic like That.

So, can folks give a chime in?

Also, who's the demon prince of internet trolling?


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Just go with a guy first shooting arrows of pestilence at the army and call him the god of heelers. I find that mixing in some Greek gods is usually the best way of introducing chaotic gods into a campaign. They are just so much more unpredictable, ambiguous and complex then anything D&D has come up with that I have to say that the Greek pantheon are the real demon lords. My vote is on Apollo.


I thought disease was somewhere under Jubilex's portfolio.

He's the Demon Lord of Ooze and Slime, but doing a little checking apparently diseases (especially pustules and similar seeping wounds) are one of his favorite manifestations and he uses diseases against his foes. So, close but not Demon Prince of Disease per se.

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