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Why WOTC shouldn't have gotten rid of the Dungeon and Dragon magazine

Do you want Dungeon and Dragon magazines to return to print?

  • I agree!!! Give me my D&D buffet each month! Bring back Dungeon and Dragon!!!

    Votes: 203 70.2%
  • I don't agree!!! I like the DI and the weekly release of content!

    Votes: 14 4.8%
  • I am waiting to see what the paid online magazines are like.

    Votes: 33 11.4%
  • I don't really care about either. I just want my PHB, DMG and MM, leave me alone :P

    Votes: 39 13.5%


First Post
My solution to the lack of a monthly magazine has been to go buy at least one old back issue of Dragon a month [sometimes more]. Should last me a while. All of the sudden I no longer regret ditching my old collection back in the mid '80s.

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The magazine changes don't bother me much. Almost all printed media (magazines, newspapers, etc) are in a downward spiral right now. Is there a place for hard copy in the world of digital media? It seems to me that just as Frodo was taller than Bilbo, Sam was younger and taller than Frodo, Merry younger and smaller than Sam, and Pipping younger and taller than Merry, so too was 2e more digital than 1e, 3e more digital than 2e, and 4e more digital than 3e. Who knows, maybe one day some young gamer will by playing with his friends over the internet and ask himself "Is there a bit of Dungeon and Dragon magazine in my game?"


New Publisher
I miss Dragon a lot. Pathfinder is very well written and produced, and is a good beginning of a substitute however.

I still think it was a mistake. As I've typed before, I limit my children's computer time. Why would I now want them starting at a a screen instead of reading hard copy? I have one computer in my house, what if I want to read Dragon while my wife is working? Printing these things (if they ever bother to compile them) is not exactly cheap (now I have to pay for the content and for printing it, yay).

I won't bother re-typing the marketing 101 mistakes they've made in this cancellation and launch - it is astounding any of the product managers still have jobs at this point.

And, yes, both magazines were in Borders and Barnes and Nobel, and now they aren't.

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