D&D 5E Will there be a 5e Modern?

Glade Riven

I really hope so. A friend of mine still DMs his setting, which mixes quite a bit from the d20 spectrum. It started as Forgotten Realms + d20 modern set in the Wild Wild West with a dash of Fallout, and over a number of years borrowed from Eberron, Iron Kingdoms, and pretty much everything. Sure, a few things had to be ad-hocced here and there to smooth things out, but his campaign shifted to Pathfinder (and cleaned up things a little). No way could he run it under 4e.

The fun part is that the most game-breaking thing happens to be a Core Barbarian Dwarf by the name of Kullan Longbeard, who not only had lucky rolls at creation, but has not rolled less than a 10 for HP each level. The rest of us had to start power-building just to barely keep up.

Another, occasional game that we played was essentially d20 sliders, with characters from D&D, Eberron, D20 post-apochalyptia, and two Jedi from different timelines. Zany fun all around, hyjinks ensued. We dropped into Wheel of Time briefly, then took on Ravenloft. I wonder if he ever ran that visit to universe BESM d20...

All that isn't possible under 4e. I really hope it's possible under 5e, at some point. Or at least for there to be an easy way to 'port d20 elements to 5e.

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