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Will's AD&D 2nd Edition - Who knows where it will go!

William Smith1

Luis says while digging into the trash pile himself: "What you afraid of Aego? Think there are scorpions or something else nasty in here?" He finds a glass flute with 3 holes and holds it up for all to see.

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
”Ha!” Aego says with a smile that is more uncomfotable than amused.

”No, but I’m not sure if these kobolds carry diseases,” he replies haughtily, giving up his examination of the trash and moving to the closest door.

”How about we knock?”

The elven wizard holds up his staff, ready to pound on the door unless someone stops him.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Aego shrugs as he lowers his staff.

"Knocking or blowing a tune, both seem likely to alert someone. But go right ahead."

The elven wizard saunters casually behind Luis, almost incidentally placing the half-elf between himself and the closest door.


Jhary, up until this point, was making his best attempt at sneaking. As he listened to the others, he dropped the pretense.

He strode over to Luis and grabbed the little glass flute in one motion. The hobbit held it up in the faint light.

"Looks simple enough. I'm a zither man, but well acquainted with other instruments. Solos are my specialty. You see, I trained with the great mumbles..."

Jhary O Connah wiped at the flute that they'd just received from a pile of trash. He made a face as he put it to his lips and blew.

The bard tried a variety of melodies using one, then two, then three notes. He looked around at the doors and his companions.

The tiny white mouse scurried down Jhary's arm and, out of curiosity, sniffed at the flute.

William Smith1

The flute is quite easy to play but very simple. While experimenting Jhary happens to play three notes in the order ABC. The door to the North pops open revealing a 20'x20' room. From your vantage you can see there are two doors on the North wall of that room. You also see a large Key on the floor in the center of the room.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Great," sighs Aego, "A puzzle."

The wizard points at the key in the new room but does not move into the chamber.

"We'll need that for a door, eventually. The flute will open the other doors, I imagine, but the one we really need to open, will require that key. But it's probably trapped."

If anyone gives him a raised eyebrow, the elf will simply say, "What? This is just like the Tower of Eternal Puzzles in the Compleat Saga of Lost Magicks of Ancient Times. I must've read it a dozen times during my studies. Only book worth reading, anyway."


Jhary O Connah shrugged, feigning a non-existent education. “Well everyone’s read THAT one,” he said to Luis as he cautiously approached the newly revealed room.

Instead of entering the room, Jhary put the flute to lip again, attempting different combinations of notes. He glanced at the other doors and sang between simplistic, intentionally different melodies.

“Perhaaaps the dooor on the left...”

Another one note melody.

“Maay-hap the dooor on the righht...”

Another two note melody.

“Maybe the door behind will OPEN...”

Another three note melody.

“Maybe the dooor stays tiiight...”

It looked, to the small group assembled, that the little white mouse tapped his foot in beat to the improvisational song.

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