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Will's AD&D 2nd Edition - Who knows where it will go!

William Smith1

Each of you have grown up in small towns and villages near the City State of the Invincible Overlord. You have each learned your skills from elders in your village and have been gifted with gear and lore appropriate to your race and class. You all have been encouraged to follow the path of the adventurer seeking riches and knowledge not attainable by simple villagers.

Oddly enough, you each have been summoned by one Weleand a wizard of some renown who lives in the City State. The village elders know of Weleand and have encouraged you to respond to the summons. They say that working for Weleand is the ticket to fame and fortune. However, they caution you that the City State is a wretched hive of scum and villainy and you should be cautious and keep your wits about you. Weleand suggests meeting you at the Prancing Ki-Rin Saloon in the City State in two weeks. That should give you time to travel without undue burden.

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Uhtred walked along the street looking for the sign. The Prancing Ki-Rin Saloon was a bit too pricey for him to stay in so he'd found a squalid hole that just about kept the weather out. His eagerness to leave his hometown and avoid merchant thugs meant he'd arrived a little early in the City State.

Finding the Prancing Ki-Rin Uhtred entered. The place was still empty so Uhtred ordered an ale and found a seat.

William Smith1

Prancing Ki-Rin Saloon

For this part of the city the Rin, as the locals call it, is quite extraordinary. Quite small, only 8 tables and 2 private rooms, the place could not hold more than 40 or so at full capacity. The walls are paneled in a warm wood, clean and shiny. A fireplace is in one wall and a small fire burns inside giving the room a pleasant smoky aroma. The bar is a rich patterned wood with 5 stools. Behind the bar are 3 taps and a wide assortment of various liquors, wines, and other colorful liquids. There are small glowing globes at each table and on either end of the bar giving off enough light to make it easy for even humans to see the place. They must be magical as they do not give off any heat. The bartender and the 3 serving girls are all Orcs! The customers at this hour number about 8 in the main room one of which (a half-elf) sits at the far end of the bar. Three of the patrons are gnolls sitting at a table by themselves. There is a group of 4 half-orcs at another table. You hear occasional laughter from one of the private rooms who's curtains are closed. The other private room appears to be empty and the curtains are open.

One of the serving girls approaches your table Uhtred and asks in perfect common, "What brings you to the Rin little one? No offense, we just do not get many Dwarves in here. I know you asked for an Ale but you might want to try our specialty the Balrog Blast. Only 2gp but it will keep you satisfied for a long time. What is your name hon?"

Dorana Helgart

"Dorana, why must you go? You should stay and marry Sigard. He is a good dwarf. Together you can make a home and a family. There are no families outside the cave." said the elderly woman, her hair still red like fire but lines around her eyes showed she had seen a couple centuries.

"There are families outside the cave, mother." Dorana said. "I'm not ready to settle down. And I'm not interested in being Sigard's wife."

"It doesn't have to be Sigard. It could be Brechdaar or,... or that Yulock fellow. He has a splendid beard, doesn't he?"


"I just don't want you to go."

"I know, mother. But that doesn't change that I'm going. I am already expected in the City in a week or two."

There were several of these conversations before Dorana finally left the clanhold and traveled to the City. Once there she found her way to the Prancing Ki'rin Saloon. As she enters she is slightly surprised to see orcs apparently run the saloon. This is the city, she tells herself. It's not like the rural areas. She sits at a table not far from the only other dwarf in the bar.


"He's going! He can't just waste his life here and he already blew our savings and embarrassed us with his antics. After the scare he game everyone he's lucky to get this chance." Jyzikec almost yelled in a gruff tone not even bothering to look at his son.

"But, he's still our son and the city is so dangerous." Aoife complained back to her husband.

Both stood there arguing like Clalick wasn't even there. Like he had no say in the matter what so ever. He hated that almost as much as he hated seeing his parents fight about weather or not he was a failure, or living up to his potential.

Finally he'd had enough. "I will go. You don't want me here anyway father. So just to make you happy we will ship your failure off so no one can see it." Clalick blurted out.
A swift backhand left a red mark stinging on his cheek and his mother started crying as his father stormed out of the room.

The next morning Clalick was packed and ready to go. His father nowhere to be seen. He mother and a small group of friends and relatives gathered to say goodbye some more genuine than others.
"Don't mess it up this time."
"Come back and tell me of the city girls"
"Stay focused"
"Good luck lad"
"Don't forget to write"
"If you are going to go to the Prancing KaRin you need to try the Balrog Blast!"

His mother hugged him. Holding back tears and slipped a dagger into his belt. "Take it. It's dangerous in the city alone."
His father watched, unseen from a window... Good luck boy. Make me proud.

The Ka Rin wasn't to hard to find. Entering the main room he immediately had his doubts. This was not the kind of place he was expecting, judging from the clientele. He sat his bag down next to a bar stool and used the foot rest to help climb up onto the seat. "Hello, could I get a Balrog Blast?" He looked around for a moment... "In any cup you have that will fit in my hand."



2 GP! For a Drink! They must think he was some kind of fool. thought Uhtred. He managed to keep his calm and politly refused. "I'll stick with an ale."

Skae, lying under the table, whined at the site of the other dwarf and Uhtred's eyes followed her suspiciously, wandering if she was one of Ajilia's father's thugs. After a moment he decided that she was wasn't. They couldn't be thatfast, and she didn't fix on Uhtred - probably looking for the same person as him.

"Make that two." he said to the barmaid. Leaving his pack guarded by Skae he walked over to the newcomer, "Brâgha." he greeted, "You lookin' f'r Weeland too?"

Dorana Helgart

There was a shout at the door as a gnome burst in demanding a drink. Dorana was surprised to see the other Dwarf in the saloon walk up to her with two mugs of ale. She smoothed the skirt of her dress and sat up a bit more straight as mother taught her.

"Brâgha." he greeted, "You lookin' f'r Weeland too?"

"Well met," she replied. "What ya be knowin' of Weeland?"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Aego enters the Prancing Ki-Rin saloon breathing rapidly, a drop of sweat on his brow, as if he has been running. The elf takes a second to compose himself, patting down his soft green robes and wiping the moist off his head, then smiles disarmingly.

Closing the door gently behind him, Aego Aenovindë, elven enchanter, moves up to the bar, his wizard staff thumping on the floor with each step. He looks around the room casually, smiling warmly at anyone returning his gaze. In his own head at least, the elf looks the part of an experienced and capable wizard with his gem-topped staff and long robes adorned with faux-arcane symbols.

"Greetings, good man," Aego engages the bartender in conversation without apparent concern that the man is an orc. "I am meeting a fellow of mine called Weleand here today. I have not missed him, have I?"

Taking a seat on the bar stool one seat away from the half-elf, Aego produces a gold coin and places it on the bar without ordering anything yet.


Clalick looks to wizardry looking figure entering the bar with a bit of excitement and is just about to introduce himself to the famous wizard when he hears him ask for Weleand. After pausing for a moment he decided it's best to hold off on introductions. Looking this wizard over Clalicks thoughts are conflicted.
At first offended that Weleands invitation hadn't been for him only, then wondering if he was in over his head.



"He's a wizard. And he's got paid work." Uhtred replied to Dorana.

Uhtred turns to look at the green robed elf that entered the tavern. "Hopefully not him." Uhtred said. The elf seemed barely able to keep a calm facade just walking into a tavern. "I am meeting a fellow of mine called Weleand here today. I have not missed him, have I?" said the new elf. Uhtred let out a breath and took a big swig of ale bit of a relief.

"Well, I guess we wait a bit longer then."

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