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Dorana Helgart

"He's a wizard. And he's got paid work." Uhtred replied to Dorana.

"Hmm," she says. "So ya know as much as I doo. Though the whitebeard di' imply t'were great honor in workin' for him. I wonder if'n that be so."

"Well, I guess we wait a bit longer then."

Dorana follows Uhtred line of vision and laughs heartily. "Aye," and she also take a gulp of ale.

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Clalick looks to the bartender as he hands over the gold for his drink and an extra one for good measure. Mentally noting to never order something again unless he knows the price.
"You wouldn't happen to know anything about this Weleand fellow would you?"

William Smith1

To Clalik: " 'ere you go but I had to split it between 3 small cups. What's yer name, mine's Jagyuk and this is my place. Don't get too many Gnomes in here, but glad you came in nonetheless."

To Aego: "Welcome to the 'Rin good sir. A Balrog Blast? Then I'll need another one of those coins. As far as Weleand, hasn't been here yet today. I expect him any time now, keepin' his room open fer him." As the Orc points to the private room with the open curtains.

Both Clalik and Aego overhear the barmaid's aside to the barkeep: "Look at the wee lovebirds over there. Kinda cute doncha think?" As she motions toward the table where Uhtred and Dorana are sitting.

To Clalik: "Weleand is my best customer and benefactor, helped me setup this place. He's good for interesting jobs too, sends folks to recover something he wants and pays them well."


Clalick slides one of the small cups back to Jagyuk. "This is for you. If you see him before I do please let Weleand know that Clalick is here. Thank you for your time."

Clalick picks up the other two cups and brings them into the room that Jagyuk mentioned was Weleands private room and has a seat to wait for the wizard.

William Smith1

With an audible "pop" and the slight odor of jasmine a purple cloaked person appears in one of the chairs in the curtained room across from Clalick. He says, "I am Weleand and you must be Clalick. Your mother speaks well of you, your father not so much. You need to learn how to control your magic and use it, not let it use you. I have somewhat a reputation as a teacher of difficult youth and you certainly qualify. Are you willing to work in a team, concentrate on a goal, and see it through to completion? I see some other members of my proposed team have already arrived, the two dwarves at that table over there, and that elf at the bar. Let's make your first task to introduce yourself to them and invite them here so we can get started, shall we?"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Aego hesitates. The Balrog Blast sounds like a strong ale, and the elf isn't sure that is how he wants to introduce himself to this Wealand fellow.

"Thanks, but just a regular drink for me," he finally answers.

Then he looks over at the wizard's private room, and decides to change his position slightly so he can watch the place where Clalik already goes.

When Wealand appears, using magic, of course, Aego puts on his smile and studies the man for a few moments.


Clalick jumps a little when the wizard suddenly appears, doing his best to recover quickly. He listens carefully to Weleand's words and with a bit of an eye roll he rises and walks out to the main area.

He first approaches the table with the Dwarfs. Standing as tall and proud as his small size will allow. "Hello good and future friends. I am Clilack Knappvep a student of Illusions, it is nice to meet you. Weleand asked that I let you know that he has arrived and you are welcome to join us in his private room to discuss business." he says politely with just a hint of trying to make it sound like he knows what he is doing. "Excuse me while I round up the others and I will be right in"

Continuing to the bar his facial features relax a bit more, the booze starting to kick in. "Hello good and future friends. I am Clilack Knappvep a student of Illusions, it is nice to meet you. Weleand asked that I let you know that he has arrived and you are welcome to join us in his private room to discuss business. Please follow me." Clilack turns and escorts the Elf into the nearby room plopping down a little less gracefully than he had intended.

"We are all here now I believe sir."

"Welcome, Clilack," Dorana says. "I am Dorana Helgart, humble servant of Moradin the All-Father. As he leaves, she downs her drink and turns to Uhtred, "I suppose we should go meet the wizard." She gets up and goes into the private room.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Aego cannot help but smile as he watches the gnome follow Weleands obvious instructions and the elf waits patiently for Clilack to fetch him, swirling his drink he just received and refraining from taking his first sip.

”Aego Aenovindë,” the enchanter introduces himself first to the gnome and then to the others at Weleands table. ”Pleased to meet you all.”

The elf smiles at everyone in turn; his expression warm. Then Aego raises his drink and downs half of it in one gulp. Some of it spills down his chin, and the elf’s expression sours quickly. He forces a smile and glances at the barkeep to check if he saw his flash of disgust.

”Good stuff,” he mutters unconvincingly.


"Brâgha." Uhtred greats Clalick. Without another word he heads to the private room. Pausing briefly to look back at Skae and his gear.

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