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So as my miniature collection is rather large from my war gaming addiction, I often like to convert a nice mini that I can use as a character. I have a very nice converted witch elf model that I would like to use as the inspiration for a drug induced frothing lunatic in an upcoming campaign. However these themes don't seem to convert well to DnD at least straight across..

For those who don't know Druchii Witch Elves have the following features:

-no armour
-fight with two weapons, poison is commonly used on these weapons
-are frothing lunatics (frenzy) at least initially in battle because they drink blood laced with hallucinogens before it starts
-are very religious, work in temples most of the time, brides of their god Khaine lord of murder
-usually high initiative, dex and avg con, str

We are starting at low level.


Dex Barbarian, gives frenzy, but the idea of witch elves ignoring pain is not really in their background. However avoiding being hit is, so the unarmoured defence with two weapons fighting seemed like a good idea.

Monk. Doesn't give frenzy but flurry of blows could be reskinned to match somewhat. Monk weapons include daggers and short swords, a high wisdom seems ok as they generally need to be aware of temple politics so they don't end up as a sacrifice. Also I'm sure the DM would allow an unarmed strike to be replaced with a dagger.

I also thought that perhaps monk for the unarmoured defence and then multiclass into fighter or barbarian.

Any ideas?
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Ranger will give you the most attacks from two weapon fighting with hordebreaker and whirlwind attack, it also nets you the fighting style. If you wanted to go one level in monk for the unarmored defense then swap into ranger that would be rather effective. Rangers are hard to hit over all and are more focused on doing more attacks than one big hit. Anyone can use poison and 4+ attacks per turn would definitely let you capitalize on it.


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Having a long history of Druchii, here are my thoughts:

-Personally I would go Dex barb to level 3(Berserker for Frenzy) This just screams Witch Elf.

-Rogue to level 3(Swashbuckler) This represents your lightning speed in combat, dodge in and out. (This nets you Sneak Attack, A witch Elf will stab you in the back without a second thought. Cunning Action, Elves are cunning. Anyone you hit in combat you can just move away from, and you also get to add your charisma to you attack rolls as you enemy is dazzled by your deadly beauty.

-This is why they don't wear armor, imo) Then I would do the rest in fighter(Champion) Kind of represent the Elite warriors that Witch Elves are. Pure athleticism and skill, no fancy maneuvers or tricks.

I'm glad someone else makes characters based off their favorite warhammer miniatures. I've been dabbling in spell-ranger stuff for a while now trying to make myself into my Waywatcher Lord model.


Since you mentioned miniatures, I'm assuming the conversion is coming from actual Warhammer and not Warhammer Online or Total War: Warhammer II

Looking at Army Book: Dark Elves page 50

Witch Elf
Move: 5
Weapon Skill: 4
Ballistic Skill: 4
Strength: 4
Toughness: 3
Initiative: 6
Attacks: 1
Leadership: 8

Special Rules:
Eternal Hatred: Hate all opposing enemies (can reroll missed close combat attack on first round and must pursue fleeing enemies), if fighting Ulthuan elves gain ability to reroll missed close combat attacks each round. Hate also applies to mounts as long as the rider still lives.
Frenzy: +1 attack in close combat, at end of charge phase if any enemy is within range of a frenzied unit, the frenzied unit must attack it. if there are multiple in range, the controlling player picks which target to attack.
Khainite: uterrly dedicated to Khaine. merciless killers that have no qualms about shedding Dark Elf blood as much as any other kind. distrusted. can only be in units with other Khainites.
Poisoned Attacks: wound target if score an unmodified 6 during shooting and/or close combat phase

The Witch Elves drive themselves into an ecstatic fervor during their brutal ceremonies as they rip hearts from chests and fling them into iron brazers, daub runes of Khaine onto their bodies from their victim's blood and decorate the altars of their bloodthirsty master with bones and entrails. they are no less vicious in battle. they are the most cruel of all the Dark Elves, and the most bloodthirsty. Before battle, Witch Elves drink blood laced with poisonous herbs, which drives them into a frenzy of bloodlust. they do not carry shields, caring nothing for their own protection, and are armed with sharp swords and long knives whose edges are dipped in venom. once battle begins, the Witch Elves hurl themselves at their foes, ripping apart their enemies with a storm of poisoned blades. Those foes unfortunate enough not to succumb to their wounds are rounded up by the Witch Elves after the battle is over. these poor souls are torn apart in victory celebrations, their murder used as grateful libations to the Lord of Murder.

Some thoughts:
Eternal Hatred, Frenzy and Khainite (flavor text) land squarely in Barbarian: Berserker. perhaps Ranger favored enemy: elf
I like Two-Weapon fighting and increased Critical of Fighter: Champion
not really seeing a need for Rogue here at all. Yes, AoR made Witch Elves more like WoW Rogues. so if you prefer that. then sure.
Poison is as was mentioned before, just a general thing, not aware of any class / archetype that capitalizes on this. perhaps try to convert other items from warhammer to really make this more useful.

Race: some elf. perhaps Eladrin for Misty Step.
stats: DEX, STR with that said. perhaps 1 level monk (and maybe 1 ranger), Barbarian up to at least Mindless Rage, Fighter the rest.

Potentials Feats for conversion:
Dual Wielder
Mage Slayer
Savage Attacker
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Definitely a 2 wpn fighting, Dex barbarian on the beserker path to start.
I'd go 10 or 11 lvs & then maybe consider MCing. Maybe into ftr. But maybe into cleric or even paladin if you think you've honored your bloody god well enough to attract his attention.

As for your background? Acolyte.

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