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Wizard Names

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Some NPCs in my homebrew or names that I just came up with ad hoc:
Malek Blackmarsh,
Staffwielder Jozath,
Eiran of the Whitecloak,
Auric the treasurehound,
Lucky Felix,
Kaevon "Razorflame" Dweamonn,
Aeliera, apprentice of the North Wood Triad,
Magignus Evoker,
Meleody the Enchantress,
Imogen harbinger of fate,
Gladross the bold,
Maxok the defiant,

My wife use a random name generator: 2d4 letters; 1d20 to generate consonants other than y, 1d6 to generate vowels and y; change as desired.
She's gotten names like:
Lujon (j pronounced like it was an h)
Molic Grey
But she rarely plays arcanists


RobF said:
I present the most bone-chilling wizard name in the history of wizard names.

To quote a famous movie:

"I am enchanter. There are some who call me, Tim.?.?"

Someone had to say it. This thread was just screaming for a Monty Python reference.

One of my friends is playing a Wookie Jedi (currently hairless due to a Jedi mind trick done by his Trandosian Jedi friend...but I already recounted that in a different thread), a Stone Child monster class based character and a Human Wizard...and all are named:


And my last 3 characters are all named 'Robert' but with the French pronounciation.

Greetings from the land of boundless imagination!



EdL said:
Then there is always Blaise, Blaze, Blayze, etc. (Didn't Merlin use one of these sometimes?)

Speaking of Merlin...another of my friends from way back named his cleric: Merlin. We never did figure that one out, but we think he was so eager to play that he read the 1E players handbook from the beginning, read the cleric description first (c comes before w) and saw that clerics cast spells and rolled up the character.


Thanee said:
Ambrose or Magellan!

[Deep Booming Voice] AMBROSE!!! [/DBV]

...It's Magellan

[Deep Booming Voice] Right...Magellan, whatever. [/DBV]

How about Harry Potter?

But seriously, have a look at some of the once-mentioned names in Rowling's books. They're a bit like Dickins meets Tolkien meets John Doe. Like Aberforth. Aberforth is a great Wizard's name.

Or you could come up with something completely cool and original. Like Xath. :D


Ero Gaki said:
A friend of mine who plays in our D&D games has a habit of having unimaginative names; things like Kyle, Jacob, etc. Now, don't get me wrong, a players character is his own business. Recently, this friend of mine, let's call him the Bill, has decided to play a wizard. He decided that he wanted a name for this character that is really, well, wizard-like. He doesn't want to steal names from books or the like (and he clearly stated that he wasn't going to use any of the big names, like Gandalf, Elminster, Mordenkainen, etc). So, I ask all of you: what are some really nice wizard names? Names that just scream "look at me, I'm a powerful wizard?"

My 1E Illusionist:

Pharazin Light-Bender, Decimator of Plebes and Illusionist of Ill Repute.


Staff member
Sometimes you can use real-world names...if you give them a fantasy spin. Everybody in my game group loved my Ftr/Th Johnny Bones. Similarly, somtimes you can use another language's version of a name. John becomes Ian or Sean.

That in mind, take a name...any real-world name, and combine it with something else:

Jacob Startouched

Aaron Halfmoon

Alex the Seventh of the Seventh

Joanna of the Lore

Alastair Darkflame

Jean-Philippe DuMorte

Ian Shardson

Stefan Winterwolf


Or you can explore other cultural naming styles. Some I've used in the past:

Twelve Stars Falling (Native American)

Arion Dragomir (from Russo/Finnish)


First Post
A favorite NPC from an earlier campaign was Imblaesus Nodostronin, would be lich and master of the fortress of Gor-Gandal.

It was fun when the party bard, attemting to impress a tribe of bugbears named the party as : The Knights of Gor-Gandal.


First Post
El Finster- 2nd best wizard in the Realms

Lady Alustygal- Very randy wizardess who's second in command in Silverymoon

Morty Kainen- his magnificent mansions always end up having leaky roofs

Bigbeef- uses his Clenched fist spells to grab hamburgers

Nostrul- His magical auras light up your nose

Merf- If anything can go wrong with his acid arrows, they will.

Stumblefloor- Beleagured magic school headmaster whose been driven to drink by precocious annoying scarred kid.

Berlin- German wizard who gave King Arthur the scabbard for Excalibur

Ned- This wizard of Earthsea casts some nif-diddly-ifty spells, neighbor!

Jardis- This evil Narnian witch is a lot larger on the inside than she is on the outside
OK, in all seriousness, here's some wizard names used in my campaign, either by me or my players:

Sepulcrave, the Necromancer
Crematoria, the tutor of Sepulcrave
Setzer Giambiani
Malraz Alizar
Shadyme (female elven wizard)


First Post
When going with a wizard name (and I don't know if goes along with the whole 'Gandalf' thing) I like to use the names of hockey players. Some of the more interesting ones sound... wizardy to me.


etc..... nhl.com has a whole list to choose from.


Personally I kind of like the idea of arcane spell casters who start off named "Bob" but later adopt a more suitable "name of power." But, I understand the OPs problem, we have a player who waits until the last min to name a PC (usually a ranger), and inevitablly winds up with a name like Bob or something another player or the GM picks for him.

Now, my first PC was Grayalyn Stormborn, a half-elf sorcerer. The name was rather simple, its mine -sorta. My middle name is Gray, my mother's maiden name as well, and my father's name is Lynn. So I became the Gray of Lynn - Grayalyn. Although the PC went by Grayl for short. And given the tornado warnings the night I was born, Stormborn was a fairly easy one to make as well.


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I often use the various translators linked from this page for npc names, just pick a word that describes the character, and a language to translate to and viola! instant interesting name. I mean how much more wizardy a name can ya have than wizard in say, Icelandic?


Has a great selection of random name (or anything) generators. I especially like the angel/demon namer for magicy type characters.

StupidSmurf said:
El Finster- 2nd best wizard in the Realms
Actually, he lives in Huzuz and gets very annoyed if someone confuses him with that other glory-hound. And he's nowhere near being second-best, though he's no pushover at 12th level.


EdL said:
Then there is always Blaise, Blaze, Blayze, etc. (Didn't Merlin use one of these sometimes?)
Merlin's master is referred to as Blaise in La Morte D'Arture though doesn't make an appearance IIRC.


Anyone for Zander?

I would suggest Simkin but a) it's already been taken as a wizard's name (see my sig) and b) it's my name IRL (see me in person!)


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jasper said:
I like names like Kyle. Why should I have to suffer because someone who has trouble spelling in his own language try to come up with exotic name and spells with no vowels.
That kind of naming always disturbs my suspension of disbelief. I might know someone named Kyle, and then I'll always think of him when the name is said instead of thinking of the character. But there's no reason a "made-up" name has to be long or unpronounceable. If the player really wants something short and sweet, minor adjustments to "real-world" names could do the trick: Bren, Jorn, Tob, Nai, Lliw, Yram, Nasus, etc. :)

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