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I crit!
Over on The Tome Show discord I saw Jeff’s post about WizKids D&D action figures. I wonder if they’ll be tied into the movie?

WizKids Announces New Product Offerings for Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering​

HILLSIDE, NJ, (Feb. 24, 2021) – WizKids, the premier manufacturer of premium pre-painted miniatures and tabletop games, today announced expansions to its vast product lines for both the highly popular role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons and strategy card game Magic: The Gathering. The new products are slated to hit shelves worldwide beginning in 2021.


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Urriak Uruk

Gaming is fun, and fun is for everyone
Glad to hear that D&D may be making high-quality sprue miniatures, and a line of paints. Games Workshop needs some competition, as their miniatures are easily the best on the market, but their prices are completely insane.

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