[WOIN]Pool cap

I have a question and couldn't find an answer in some hours of looking around ( maybe I'm just bad, maybe it looks obvious ?)

at which moment the pool cap does it's "cap" ?

Example :

I have a grade 5 character with 3d6 STR + 2d6 sword skill +2d6 sword quality (for a total of 7d6)

if he wants to add a knockdown effect(cost 2d6), or even simply add 1d6 damage(cost 2d6 too) does it end up with a 5d6 or a 3d6 attack ?

Same for a ranged character with 3d6 AGI + 2d6 Bow skill + a 2d6 quality Bow (for a total, again, of 7d6)

if he is shooting at a goblin in cover, does it's attack end up being 5d6 or 3d6 ?

Thank you for your answers n(_ _)n

Maybe there should be somewhere a breakdown of the math so people like me cannot get confused anymore ^^"

Also great game, didn't regret backing it even tough I never got to play it until now :p


Well, that was fun
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The thing which is capped is your initial dice pool of attribute + skill + equipment. Form the initial dice pool, cap it, then apply any modifiers.