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Good afternoon,

I'm relatively new to the WOIN game, and have run into a couple areas I cannot find the answers to.

First; in the "D10" modified rules set, how is damage calculated? For example, a Zweihander does 4d6 in the book; does it remain 4d6, or does it become 1d10+4?

Second; if combining rules-sets (like a NEW and OLD crossover) are the special stats (PSI, CHI, or MAGIC) functionally the same stat, or different stats? For example, a Psi character crashing on an OLD world wanting to learn magic - would they use their PSI, or would they have to develop a Magic stat?

Thank you;

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Damage isn’t affected by the d10 variant. Only attribute checks.

For MAG etc., it’s entirely up to you. I treat them as different names for the same stat, but some people I know enjoy having three entirely different supernatural power systems.


I would run PSI/MAG/CHI as separate stats: your character would need to expend experience a-la-carte or take a career that advances the relevant attribute.


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Thank you for the clarification and input.

Sounds like I've got some planning to do for an upcoming campaign (OLD, but a "fallen" world from a future PSI active society... so a bit of potential mixing). Having separate stats would preserve some "flavor" distinctions, but its (thematically) the same thing. Hmm.

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