WOIN [WOIN] Roll20


Found a WOIN character sheet on Roll20 but the game system isn't listed in the game types and was wondering if anyone had a game running on there or if anyone was looking for players *wink wink*.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
The official livestream (Warped) uses Roll20 I think.

Or there’s a ton of WOIN stuff on Fantasy Grounds.


I didn't know what Warped used (I only listened to the podcasts)

The problem with Fantasy Grounds is that it costs 36€ and then another 20€ for the WOIN DLC.
It's not the actual gameplay that is the trouble, because you can still have a great game over skype of discord chat with no grids or pictures and only using The Theatre of the Mind, but the main issue I mean to address is that of finding players and Roll20 is great for that with other systems, but WOIN being smaller its tougher.

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