WOIN WOIN Star Knight Questions: Advanced Deflection, Psionic Attributes, and Psychic Choke/ Psychic Push

In EONS 84 p. 1, Advanced Deflection allows the Star Knight to use Redirect without a Laser Sword. Does this mean they can also use Missile Deflection without a Laser Sword or was there an Exploit omitted that allowed for Deflection without the LS?

Comparing the NEW Core book p. 48/Rules Reference Document with EONS 84 The Last Star Knight p. 2, Psionic Attributes is once per round in Core/RRD but only once per day in Eons 84. Is Eons 84 a rules change?

In NEW Core p. 49 and Eons 84 p. 3 some of the Star Knight's exploits target DEFENSE rather than specifying RANGED or VITAL. With the VITAL DEFENSE introduced in NEW v1.2, should the Star Knight's Psychic Choke and Psychic Push target VITAL DEF? I notice in the Bestiary the Dark Lord's Psychic Choke targets VITAL DEF but sometimes NPCs might use slightly different rules.

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Advanced Deflection is a superior form to Redirect. You can redirect it "nowhere" if you wish (or into the ground, or what-have-you); there's no need for an additional exploit.

Once per day is correct. Once per round would pretty much be permanent.

Those should indeed target VITAL.

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