WOIN WOIN Ways to get more than one Reaction?

Are there ways to get more than one Reaction or Free Action in a round? We have a Star Knight with Redirect and a Gun Kata Martial Artist with Closedown, both are reactions that can be used once per round.

It seems like there are some conversions of d20 Feats in the docs for converting monsters that make things Free Actions, which would allow two out of turn actions.

We were thinking of introducing an Exploit that would allow a number of Reactions equal to Intuition dice that would remove a d6 after each Reaction similar to the process for Overwatch. But, that wouldn't get around the rule of using an Exploit only once per round.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
There aren't any ways to get multiple reactions. I guess you could make an exploit for that; I'm not sure how powerful that would be.

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