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D&D General Wombo.art your character descriptions


He / Him
I spent the night trading art with my D&D group made on the site wombo.art. It's some kind of crazy neural art generator. It's fun to put in your character or setting or monster description and see what it generates!


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Moderator Emeritus
This is great. The PCs in my Ghosts of Saltmarsh+ group might soon be traveling to Akara Bluffs - a city built over time and over top of itself atop tall eroding bluffs. I do wish there was a way to choose some base colors it works with, though I guess I could play with it in photoshop.



CR 1/8
A couple cities, one beneath the sea, one in space.

I don't have any specific campaign ideas or anything I'm trying to fit images to right now, just randomly coming up with ideas and seeing how they turn out.
This is seriously addictive!

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