D&D 4E Wonko's 4E Auto Character Sheet + Custom Power Cards

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hey how does this sheet deal with the +half lvl? i haven't noticed it showing up on anything? it should add bonuses to attacks, defenses, initiative, skill checks, and ability rolls


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sorry to keep adding on here, piercing strike is broken and also there is no attack workspace so the plus to attack for 1/2 the level is the main thing that confuses me.

Wonko the Sane

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*Shoots self in head*

It looks like I really fudged some things up by adding the critical info to the power cards.

I had to take a weekend off of this thing, but hopefully I'll get on a new revision Monday night. Depending on what's broken and how involved the fix is, it could be up as early as Wednesday night *crossed fingers*

As for non-core content, I'm going to put a complete stop to that until I get these other bugs worked out.


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First of all - Awesome char sheet... Especially love the autocalc'ing power cards. (Makes me wonder why WotC takes a year to do what some of you guys have accomplished in a few months with Excel.:hmm:)

Anybody else have problems with selecting Half Elf dilettante powers with version 1.39? I can pick the class, but the list of powers never populates. (This worked in 1.38.)

Also, both versions give me a message about "This workbook has lost its VBA project," when I open the file. Strangely, it all seems to work despite that.
EDIT - Nevermind. VBA wasn't installed for Office. (Although I still question whether that was necessary... seemed to work just fine without it.)
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Wonko the Sane

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The half-elf Dilettante power selection is fixed for the next release.

A workaround is to just remove the data validation setting from the cell for selecting the power and then just type it in. As long as you enter the power name exactly as it appears on the power table, it should work.

As for the "This workbook has lost its VBA project" thing...I don't know. Maybe a macro security setting removed it? The macros that are used in this sheet are completely safe - I don't think I could make an unsafe one if I tried. Perhaps open up restrictions on macros and try opening a freshly-downloaded copy. (Just a guess)

great sheet

Wonko, this is really the best sheet on the net (and I have tested them all, I think :)) - I wonder where you take the time to work on it...

May I ask for the following:

how to get PC data from one version to another? Currently just reenter them but maybe there will be a macro sometimes that gets all manual entered data in a file and populate it into a new sheet...

can you open up the data section of the sheet so that people can put in new reference data (mostly equimptment)? Or make it a net-project by providing blank data-sheets (with all the required columns) that people can use to enter data and allow for an "include new data" macro that can be used to select a sheet with data to be populated to the main sheet.
such data sheets could be shared in this forum.

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