D&D General World building: MIx and Match Editions


I use flavor stuff that appeals to me from every edition I've got.

My mashup setting has multiple cultures and religions with incompatible cosmologies, the truth of a lot of stuff is not known, though there are many dogmas and people who are certain they know the truth, but I also leave a bunch undefined.

This means it is easy for me to use contradictory lore from a lot of different editions and systems in game. I really like the 4e Dawn War cosmology with the Feywild, Astral Sea, and Elemental Chaos. I also like the 1e Manual of Planes Great Wheel and Pathfinder planar setup and the Norse Nine Worlds and Werewolf the Apocalypse Penumbra spirit world and so on.

I like the AD&D story that Moradin made the dwarves. I like the 4e story that Primordials made titans and giants and dwarves and that Moradin adopted Dwarves in the Dawn War. I like the Norse story that dwarves emerged from the dead giant Ymir. I have different cultures of dwarves in my game that use different ones as their culture origin stories.

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