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World of Valkyr Fantasy STL

MedFan Games

First Post
Hello everyone,

I’m game designer/publisher. Actually I’m running a Kickstarter campaign for STL files in my univers the World of Valkyr.

Our stl campaign World of Valkyr is live now.

We have unlocked 7 Stretch goals and almost a new one!

You’ll obtain 142 minies/sceneries, a complet pnp boardgame (Zomb’eat Them All à game mixing deck building and hordes of zombies on a board), all you need to play to our skirmish game, an amazing pdf artbook and all stretch goals for only 60 euros (or 50 if you only want stl files).

Don’t hesitate to join us 😊

Thank you very much in advance for your support !!

World of Valkyr fantasy STL

Wov ks.jpg


unlocked columns.jpg

150 backers.jpg

ratelier d'armes.jpg

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MedFan Games

First Post
Hello everyone, today new pictures of all unlocked Stretch goals (2 more yesterday). Nos you can get more than 140 different models !!

Have a great day.

new unlocked sg.jpg



MedFan Games

First Post
Hello everyone, many new unlocked Stretch goals on the campaign :)
Now the campaign is the opportunity to get more than 150 different models for a really low price.

5 more backers to unlocked the next social Stretch Goal and a little bit more Thant 500 euros to get unlocked another one !

Thank you in advance for all your support :)

Have a great day

World of Valkyr fantasy STL


MedFan Games

First Post
Hello everyone !

The Kickstarter World of Valkyr campaign is underway! This campaign is ideal for obtaining a huge batch of miniatures and sceneries in STL format, all from the world of Astrahys and its history. It's time to offer you 160 different models thanks to the basic offer and the 15 Stretch Goals already unlocked! Many more still to be achieved.

All miniatures are playable in the Astrahys skirmish game, many new miniatures and profils for new tactics and fun !

That's not all, these 160 models (decorations and figurines) are accompanied by the PnP of our game Zomb'Eat Them All, a fantastic pdf Artbook from the universe of Astrahys since the creation of the game, by 7 Maps HD in 60 x 60 format for your game tables, HD wallpapers as well as all the necessary pdf to play Astrahys (pawns, event cards, rules, new profiles ...). And all this offer for only 60 euros! (50 if you only want STL files).

If you do not have a 3D printer, our partner Deep Space Factory can print your figurines at a preferential rate.

Don't hesitate any longer, join the more than 200 backers on our Kickstarter campaign!

Thank you all for your support :)

Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters