Worshippers bonus.


One user on the Wizards.com board once suggested that every worshipper of a deity should be considered an additional spellcaster for epic spells.

While this certainly is unbalanced, I thought that perhaps a deity should recieve certain bonuses according to the number of worshippers. I composed a table with different possible ration, and sent it to Upper_Krust's email.

He took it favorably, so now I'm posting it here, to discuss which columns do you think are the most balanced for which types of bonuses and what can they be used for (A note, some of those ratios actually allow a deity to cast a VGOG).


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Hi Omeganian! :)

Thanks for posting that on the Forums mate. ;)

On a similar note, one part of the IH I twisted was the amount of Worship Points needed at every divine status.

Basically if you want to correlate the amount of worshipper points needed for a time lord to the entire population of the universe you need to square the given totals in Ascension.

e.g. A Demigod would change from 100,000-999,999 and become 10,000,000,000-99,999,999,999.

Basically you have to double the number of zeroes. ;)

But I just thought this was asking a bit much.

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