WotC WotC Asks What Makes YOU Play Dungeons and Dragons?



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At 90% completion they asked me my age. I told them 52 and boom survey complete, lol.
I hope this doesn't mean they're throwing out any responses from people who identify as being over a certain age, as they infamously did in their pre-3e Dancey survey.

Still, I'll go through the motions and see what happens...

EDIT: now done, and it's a good survey with only one exception: there's no real open-comments question at the end. If there was, I'd have put in something about all their questions relating to how important planning and teamwork was to me needed a few corollary questions regarding how important is it to just be able to do (or try) crazy-ass stuff you can't do in real life.
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I found the "What properties have you played/play" section pretty interesting. Looking at that list (Dark Souls, Shadow of Mordor, Warhammer) made me think it D&D is thinking of pursuing more partnerships with different IPs products like the one they did with Rick and Morty.

I mean, I'd be pretty happy if D&D did an accompanying product for the Elden Ring, or even the world of League of Legends... or hell, hit me with some Breath of the Wild!

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